High-state and Insulin-Taxis: What you didn't know about sugar

Who knows? Only one handle, the pack of foam rubber is empty. Sugar is a temptation that can be hard to resist. The sweet poison is everywhere and hiding themse

High-state and Insulin-Taxis: What you didn't know about sugar

Who knows? Only one handle, the pack of foam rubber is empty. Sugar is a temptation that can be hard to resist. The sweet poison is everywhere and hiding themselves in the supposedly-healthy tomato passata. But there is a way out of the sugar trap: The more you know about the enemy, the better you can control him! Here are our seven facts about sugar.

fact number 1: sugar is everywhere – even in pickles

sugar is an integral part of our diet; a simple food that does not spoil. According to Statista, Germany estimated the Per-head-consumption in the year 2018 to about 34,8 kg, which corresponds to a daily dose of Sugar of around 95 g . The world health organization recommends a daily sugar intake of about 25 grams .

we Would ban all sugary food from the supermarket shelves, would only remain about 20 percent left. A look at the nutritional table shows the amount of often frightening. 22 gram, in tomato sauce, approximately 25 grams, and even in spice about 12 grams of sugar cucumber per glass find themselves in a Piccoli-bottle of sparkling wine. To make matters worse, there are about 55 sugar set terms , such as Dextrose, caramel syrup and lactose, to which one must also pay attention to.

fact number 2: sugar makes you happy and addicted

The processing of sugar begins in the mouth. As soon as one of the ten thousand taste buds of even a single sugar crystal guessed, the body begins to dopamine to pay out; this happiness hormone is sometimes responsible for the insatiable cravings attacks.

in Addition, increased consumption of sugar triggers an immediate, physical response to stress, because adrenaline and Cortisol flows through our bloodstream in a way, a "High"state, the power is addictive. And one more thing: sugar affects our immune system , by stopping the function of the white blood cells.

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fact number 3: Insulin in the liver attack

In the gastro-intestinal tract, sugar is split into glucose and fructose. Glucose in the blood is called blood glucose and this causes the pancreas to produce the hormone Insulin . Insulin acts like a Taxi, and brings the Glucose into the cells of the organs and muscles, where they are supposed to be burned. So far, So good.

But the more sugar consumed, the more Insulin-Taxis zooming around, the more Glucose is used by the overtaxed organs blocked, and the more excess energy is stored in fat cells. Only if the insulin levels fall, fat deposits used as an energy source. Ideally, the satiety hormone Leptin to the end of a meal signals when we have eaten enough, but Insulin can block this message. The result is that We overeat to us.

without the metabolic hormone Insulin is not, but if we have too much of it, overloaded it, the liver, and this then reacts to the hormone – the so-called insulin resistance . This is a vicious circle: The pancreas releases see even more hormones, causing more fat is stored. The liver and other organs become fatty. If the pancreas has their Burn-out, and no Insulin can produce more, then Diabetes-type-2.

fact # 4: Fructose is not automatically good sugar

Ordinary household sugar consists of equal Parts of Glucose (grape sugar) and Fructose (fruit sugar). Fructose is twice as sweet as Glucose, but with four kilocalories per gram of equal. the Glucose is the basic building block of most carbohydrates and can be metabolised in the body relatively well; it makes the blood sugar levels to rise and encourages the Insulin level back in balance.

Not so Fructose. although it sounds like a fruit and therefore healthy, but unfortunately, this is no acquittal. Fructose is ignored by the Insulin-Taxis and makes himself almost immediately on the way to the liver, the only Organ, the Fructose absorbs. If you are not just high-performance athletes, fat is the Excess Fructose in the liver. The human body can start with Fructose in larger amounts, not so much favored and so are also often abdominal pain and bloating.

However, do Not be afraid of fresh fruit and the Fructose from this. Contained in dietary fiber can reduce the conversion of sugar to body fat; only while juicing this ballast can be lost materials.

fact number 5: the Hidden sugar in juices

At first glance, completely absurd, but this is the bitter-sweet truth: Apple juice is just as sweet as Cola. The only difference is in the type of sugar. Cola consists of sugar, Apple juice from Fructose. Now an Apple a day is healthy, but contains a litre of Apple juice about 1.4 kilograms Apples – so much could eat a man hardly all at once.

Generally speaking, fruit juices should be rather the exception and not the rule in the diet. They promise quick supply of the vitamin, but they are real calorie bombs. As with the Apple juice, tons of fruit are required to have a small amount of juice to produce. So stay away and prefer to drink water!

fact number 6: Brown sugar is not healthier than white sugar

There is a request is more likely to notion that brown sugar is healthier. The color alone has nothing to do with the quality, it is merely the precursor of white sugar. Its brown coloration comes from the fact that the fine crystals are not yet liberated from the natural syrup remains, or subsequently, even with this colored be.

Unrefined sugar is regarded as a mineral-rich, but only by one percent. What is actually classified something healthier, is brown whole cane sugar , because it contains most of the minerals.

fact number 7: diet and light products don't help you lose weight

In some diet plans, reference is made to light products , but only because "light" is on, it means not for a long time that no sugar is included. It is often used instead sweetener that stimulates exactly like sugar the production of insulin. An almost equal misconception is that the tender contains a bitter chocolate and less sugar than milk chocolate. The bitter taste comes from less sugar, but much more of the bitter cocoa, it takes a lot more true. A benefit of the dark chocolate has, but it makes the Sweet tooth go faster.

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