First encounter since the Corona onset: Merkel and Macron informed about your Meeting

Laschet calls for a new Lockdown control: Now the NRW speaks to Prime Minister 08.33 PM: North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister, Armin Laschet is at 10.30

First encounter since the Corona onset: Merkel and Macron informed about your Meeting
Laschet calls for a new Lockdown control: Now the NRW speaks to Prime Minister

08.33 PM: North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister, Armin Laschet is at 10.30 am a press conference and declined to comment on the current situation. May be he is talking about his claim that not all the counties are to be driven in case of an outbreak, but only to the affected municipalities. Here you can read the Statement.

  • From 10.30 a.m. - Laschet in the Live Stream: you can see the press briefing live on the Internet
Macron condemned Actions of Turkey in Libya as "unacceptable"

19.21 at: Finally, Macron is still on a question about Libya. "France does not support General Haftar. Our role is to find a lasting political solution." The stability of the country was all currently other than guarantees. Macron: "We have negotiated a ceasefire that had only short stock." You work in a political dialogue to restore. "We are interested in the stability in Libya. In this context, I am of the opinion that the responsibility of Russia and Turkey is great." The current Actions of Turkey condemned Macron as "unacceptable". Further, he says: "We need to clarify what is the Turkish role."

Merkel with a mask, not spotted: "When I go shopping, we will be"

19.13 PM: Merkel is now wondering why she was never seen with a mask. The Chancellor answers: "If I follow the rules of the common distance, I need no mask. And when I go shopping, we do not see us. I think of myself, of course, to the recommended practices and there will be certainly occasions where I am to see with a mask." German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks at the press conference after the Meeting with Marcon.

19.08 PM: "We will continue to assess during, what conclusions should we draw from the pandemic. We live in the middle of the pandemic. And the fact that we do not see the Virus, it does not mean that it is gone," warns Angela Merkel.

18.59 at: is The plan for the reconstruction of Europe was a Central part of the conversation, emphasized now Macron. Furthermore, it was also the Brexit and the future relationship of the EU to the UK. The Corona pandemic have hit the countries differently. "I would like to thank you once more for Germany, which also included French patients for the treatment. Everywhere in Europe there was an open and transparent debate."

18.56 PM: "you have described perfectly, in what world are we living in the moment," says Macron at the address of Merkel. "I see how important it is, what we have done in the last few weeks," said the French President. "We have demonstrated our resilience throughout the crisis," says Macron on. "I see what we have in the past two years, managed. Now we have arrived at a Moment of truth for Europe. We can make the Moment of truth a Moment of success." The goal must be to make Europe a more social and cohesive continent. "She has never seen with a mask": a journalist puts Merkel burning question, FOCUS Online/Wochit "she has never seen with a mask": a journalist puts Merkel explosive issue

"expectations are high": On the side of Macron Merkel is looking forward to the historic Wednesday

18.52 PM: in addition to the multibillion-dollar Recovery Fund it is in the call to the start of the German presidency of the Council on 1. July gone, stressed Chancellor Angela Merkel. She is looking forward to the historic Wednesday. the "are says The expectations are high" ,. Berlin and Paris could make in the debates on the Corona-reconstruction assistance as a contribution to "the fact that we give a positive impetus in the right direction for the European future". AP German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron on Gransee, near Berlin.

also Important is the issue of climate protection. "The more we pick up with the CO2 reduction to the thing, the more we have to protect Europe. We have committed to be carbon neutral by 2050." Therefore, a large role to play, such as the European trade will be organized. The digitisation will continue to be Central. Theme of the meeting with Macron was also the European future conference. Here, it is also a question of how Europe will put up in the future. It had been at the interview but also the topic of Libya and the Western Balkans.

18.49 at: Now it's happening. "We have made important decisions for Europe," said Merkel at the place of the meeting, Schloss Meseberg. "We live in a serious time," said the Chancellor. "This is the pandemic on the one hand, and the associated economic challenge to the other side - for the individual countries, but also for the European Union." Together they wanted to show reinforced that "Europe is our future," says Merkel, and mentions as examples the areas of climate and the question of war and peace. "The crisis will make itself felt for a long, long time." Germany and France are not in agreement, it is ordered by the future of Europe.

Monday, 29. June, 17.40 PM: , Two days before the start of the German EU presidency, Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron at the castle Meseberg, near Berlin, have come together. The two greeted each other on Monday in front of the guest house of the Federal government, with the distance. The focus of your conversation, the economic reconstruction in Europe after the Corona-crisis. It is the first visit of a foreign head of state to the Chancellor since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Macron and Merkel had suggested in may, a relief Fund in the amount of 500 billion euros, in order to bring the European economy out of the Corona-crisis. EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen presented followed by a build-up of debt plan funded with a volume of 750 billion euros. Of 500 billion euros as grants and 250 billion as loans to the EU to be awarded-States. The debt is to be paid for until 2058, together, from the EU budget. Negotiating the Plan with the next seven-year EU financial framework, for which the Commission attaches to 1.1 trillion euros. AP France's President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a bilateral meeting

Merkel and Macron advertise among the other EU member States for this Plan. Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark - the "Thrifty Four" - reject grants that do not need to be paid back, however. A decision could fall at the EU summit in mid-July in Brussels.

From 18: 30 is expected to be a press conference of Merkel and Macron. FOCUS Online reported here in the Ticker.

SPD throws Laschet weak leadership at the Corona-crisis management

11.44 PM: is The leader of the opposition in the NRW state Parliament, Thomas Kutschaty (SPD), has accused Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) weak leadership during the crisis management following the massive Corona outbreak in the Tönnies meat factory. Laschet-averse political risk, because the courage is lacking to take responsibility, said the SPD faction chief on Wednesday in the Landtag in Düsseldorf. "The lack of leadership of this government is a risk for the Pandemic prevention."

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany, is the seat of the affected meat factory, was "now the largest Virus Hotspot in the whole of Europe," said Kutschaty. The Corona-the outbreak is worse than in Heinsberg and Ischgl. The government have delayed too long to prevent by decisive action", that a second infection is tilting shaft about Germany and Europe".

the Green-group leader in the NRW state Parliament strongly criticized by Laschet-government. Monika Düker spoke of a "yaw rate" and a "failure of the measure-and-center policy".

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