Feel no side effects: a Student says, why is he playing Corona-try rabbit

contact restrictions, masks, Lockdown: In the fight against Sars-CoV-2, the heads of state on to the world of hard guns – to the chagrin of many of its citizens

Feel no side effects: a Student says, why is he playing Corona-try rabbit

contact restrictions, masks, Lockdown: In the fight against Sars-CoV-2, the heads of state on to the world of hard guns – to the chagrin of many of its citizens. However, currently there is no other. Worldwide, the researchers have agreed that The new Coronavirus is only to keep up with extreme measures in check. And only defeat with a drug or a vaccine.

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The world health organization lists at the 24. July 2020 for a total of 25 clinical and 141 non-clinical studies to vaccines for Sars-CoV-2. 17. June 2020, the tübingen-based pharmaceutical company CureVac by the German regulatory authority Paul received-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) and the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) the approval for the clinical Phase-1 study of vaccine candidate "CVnCoV".

Phase 1 study of CureVac to 168 volunteers

168 a group of volunteers testing the vaccine now in Germany and Belgium. One of them is the 27-year-old cultural studies student Mathias Oppermann is. In an interview with FOCUS Online, he tells of how the study runs for him and what him to participate.

FOCUS Online : Mr. Oppermann, the Institute for tropical medicine in Tübingen is one of four places, to the volunteers of the newly developed Sars-CoV-2 vaccine inject can. This is the first Time he is tested in humans. Have you received him yet?

Mathias Oppermann: Yes, I have received the first of a total of two doses of the vaccine in mid-July.

FOCUS Online : you Had no concerns because of the potential for yet unknown side effects?

message: to be honest, no. The involved in the study, scientists were able to make it credible clear that side effects are very unlikely.

FOCUS Online : your first Dose of the vaccine about two weeks ago. How did you feel afterwards?

message: As a normal vaccination. The position at which it was injected, still has about two to three days after that, a bit hurt, but otherwise I've noticed nothing more from the injection.

FOCUS Online How has your environment to participate in the study responded?

message: Some were afraid that I could me an infection with the Coronavirus . I explained to you then that to me is, Yes, injected with only the messenger, so the mRNA, and not the live Virus. So I was able to calm her down. More to the Coronavirus Corona-the danger Is by Breathing low? Harvard researchers doubt Aerosol hypothesis of pediatricians-in-chief promotes Opening: "the risk that schools are Hotspots, is low," researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who are the super spreader! Chart analysis shows Which countries have Corona in the handle, and which do not explode infection numbers - why the Balkans is suddenly Europe's Corona-Hotspot

FOCUS Online : As the study as a whole?

message: First of all, there are different subjects groups. The first, for example, two micro-injected a gram of the vaccine, the next four, and I belong to the group that received six micro-grams. According to me there is still a group with eight micro-grams. Before we can be approved for a single Dose, we receive a thorough initial examination with blood and the PCR Test. About two weeks later, I received my first vaccination and one day before the vaccination was taken away from me again blood, then the day after, three days after that, and one and two weeks after that again.

FOCUS Online In principle, you will be removed so about a week blood?

message: Exactly. After a month, so about the middle of August, will I receive the second Dose of the vaccine. Also before and after the blood tests are back, after a while, but this is increasingly rare – then I have to go only every couple of weeks once. Overall, I'm 13 months in the study.

FOCUS Online : That sounds like a great time. What led you to volunteer for this study?

message: I work next to the study in a residential home for people with autism. As with all nursing facilities, the strong of the Corona was affected measures, and our residents have suffered under the restrictions. The call for participation in the study came via the Mail distribution system of the University of Tübingen. Such Mails we receive often, this was but the first, on which I have reported. Because I thought: If there is a modest Form that I can make a small contribution, the Virus to combat it, then I would like to do that.

FOCUS Online Many people around the world died as a result of Covid-19, including also a few Younger without known pre-existing conditions. Do not be afraid to infect yourself with Sars-CoV-2?

message: To myself, I'm really not Worried, because I am one of the obviously vulnerable groups. But there are also people who do not swallow the Virus so easily – the Elderly and the Vorerkrankte. I see it as a task for the whole society, to do something together against the Virus. Of course, I worry about the people in my environment, people I love, like my parents or grandparents. They are also a reason why I would like to contribute my part to the Virus counter. More to the Coronavirus to 3.5 million infections: Corona fiasco in the United States to stop the phenomenon of Corona-Fatigue: Covid-19-Convalescent suffer for weeks under Extreme-fatigue RKI provides Corona-Symptom-Chaos day-care centres to send healthy children to work from home half of the balance-sheet: 5 Corona-questions to which we urgently need answers to a Complete recovery not sure: Corona-patients suffer for weeks after infection.

mRNA-based vaccine showed good efficacy in animal testing

Mathias Oppermann is one of more than 160 people are currently testing the vaccine candidate "CVnCoV" of CureVac. In August, the Student receives his second Dose of the vaccine, with six micro-grams, the researchers observe for a year how his body reacts to them.

"CVnCoV" uses so-called nucleotides, without modifying the neurotransmitter mRNA chemically. It causes a strong activation of the immune system. In animal experiments, the substance had already produced a variety of virus-neutralizing titres and T-cell responses that react specifically to the Spike Protein of Sars-CoV-2.

Currently, volunteers take part in Tübingen, Hannover, Munich and the Belgian city of Gent in the study. Your goal is to determine the optimal dose of the vaccine and to evaluate its safety and immunogenicity in man. The results of the group are expected in the fall of 2020.

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