Ex-Harvard-medical: I have a patient who twice Covid-19 diseased

most experts agree that a Patient, the Covid has survived 19, and then only for a few months or years against Sars-CoV-2 immune is. Already in may, a study from

Ex-Harvard-medical: I have a patient who twice Covid-19 diseased

most experts agree that a Patient, the Covid has survived 19, and then only for a few months or years against Sars-CoV-2 immune is. Already in may, a study from South Korea, introduced this Thesis on its head: your authors claimed that it had given the number of cases of Re-infections.

a Short time later, the study was withdrawn, however, because it became clear that the patients were not infected with the Virus, but measurement error templates. The South Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in an interview with "Sky News": It is impossible that the Virus could be reactivated in the human body.

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The authority said that unlike other viruses such as HIV or chicken pox in the nucleus of human cells from entering and for many years a latent can stay before they are re-enabled – the Coronavirus is from the outside of the nucleus of the host cell remains. This means that the patient is unlikely to suffer a relapse. The theme of Re-infection seemed to be once completed.

US doctors for sure: "My Patient has been infected twice with Sars-CoV-2"

A U.S. physician, the discussion fired up now, however. Clay Ackerly is an Internist in Washington, and sure: "My Patient has been infected twice with Sars-CoV-2." He describes in a guest post for the U.S. news portal "Vox".

Accordingly, in July, a 50-year-old Patient had been three months earlier with Sars-CoV-2 infected, with a second Sars-CoV-2 infection when introduced to him.

Ackerly acknowledges that it is possible that his Patient had had a single infection, the three months lasted. He, personally, believe that the but "unlikely".

According to the internists, patients with a duration would be the duration of infection also symptoms show what was not in his case. After his first infection, the end of which had been confirmed by two negative PCR Tests, whether these have been fully recovered.

Mild symptoms at first, hospital stays in the second infection,

Generally speaking, his Patient had shown at the first infection only mild symptoms. The infection in July had, however, been much harder: this Time the 50-Year-old had complained of shortness of breath, high fever and also a lack of oxygen in the vessels, which have led to visits to several Hospital. More to the Coronavirus Corona-the danger Is by Breathing low? Harvard researchers doubt Aerosol hypothesis of pediatricians-in-chief promotes Opening: "the risk that schools are Hotspots, is low," researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who are the super spreader! Chart analysis shows Which countries have Corona in the handle, and which do not explode infection numbers - why the Balkans means suddenly Europe Corona-Hotspot

"I believe that it is much more likely is that my Patient fully recovers from the initial infection and then a younger member of the family re-infected", Ackerly. An antibody test is not not have made the Patient in the meantime, so that you know whether or not his immune system had built up an effective antibody response.

His guess, the US medic is based on studies that have demonstrated that some patients would never develop a decent immune response, especially not such a, "which never showed symptoms". They developed, although a few antibodies, this would, however, disappear shortly after the infection again.

No antibodies means no immunity

have commented on this topic physicians already in the past. So Clemens Wendtner from Munich, clinic Schwabing, said: "Even if the first results indicate a partial loss of neutralizing antibodies in Covid-19 patients, mean this, that this goes hand in hand with a loss of the immunity to the Virus."

For protection against a disease antibodies in the blood are not alone decisive: "There are also so-called memory cells," explains virologist Friedemann Weber of the University of Giessen. "Stay behind after an infection in the rule and are activated again once you re-infected. Therefore, the protection against the Virus is established in the case of a second infection much faster than during the initial infection, even if the person Concerned has, previously, low levels of antibodies.“

Although it is likely that the protection against re-infection is the higher, the higher the proportion of antibodies in the blood. "In reverse, this does not mean, however, that it is declining antibody levels immune."

immune response against Sars-CoV-2 with B - and T-cells,

Both B-cell and T-cell play in immunity seems to be Wendtner, according to an "important role in the immune system of the Virus". Both are part of the so-called acquired immune system. The B-lymphocytes make antibodies against invaders produce. The T-cells attack pathogens and also body kill its own cells that were already infected by a Virus. "The first Work to show that in fact T cells from convalescent Covid-19 -patient-specific protein molecules of the Sars-CoV-2-to detect Virus," says Wendtner. More to the Coronavirus to 3.5 million infections: Corona fiasco in the United States to stop the phenomenon of Corona-Fatigue: Covid-19-Convalescent suffer for weeks under Extreme-fatigue RKI provides Corona-Symptom-Chaos day-care centres to send healthy children to work from home half of the balance-sheet: 5 Corona-questions to which we urgently need answers to a Complete recovery not sure: Corona-patients suffer for weeks after infection.

"But," says the physician, "and is completely open, the extent to which these T-cells actually protect them from a Covid-19-illness and the disease course favorably affect. For this purpose, time observations, both in recovering Covid – 19-patients as well as Healthy is a lack of more long.“

"wishful thinking": US physicians do not believe in the potential herd immunity

Ackerly sees the dream of a possible herd immunity against the Virus and the consequent protection of the population, meanwhile, slowly but surely burst: "This wishful thinking is dangerous," he says in his guest post. "In my opinion, the case of my patients, that we have to attack on different fronts." These are:

1. The curve of a moderate initial infection to severe reinfection suggests that the novel Coronavirus has some Similarities to other viruses, such as Dengue. Those who suffered from it, can> to infect, and every other disease is a history heavier suffer.

2. In spite of the scientific hopes of immunity, caused either by antibodies or cells that leave close to the Severity of the second Covid-19-disease of his patient to the fact that these immune responses are not as strong as hoped for .

3. Many people have become to their illness complacent , because they thought either that they are immune or not to the Spread of the Virus could contribute. How Ackerlys Patient will show, these assumptions are harmful: they are risking both the health of the people as also the people in your environment.

4. If Re-infections are already so a short time possible, could have an impact on the effectiveness and durability of the developed vaccines . More Videos with infections Loge Christoph Spinner infections Loge explains how high risk of Infection due to unpackaged food, Café, airplane, office: infection Lodge is explained, where the Corona-the risk is on explains the largest infection Loge, how to detect Coronavirus, and not with the flu confuse risk factor Restaurants: Can be spread the Virus by air conditioners? Infections Lodge on "Corona-Dead": How physicians use the term R to define factor apparently loses its importance - infections Loge explains why The Virus is cured, but a fierce consequential damages: Is Corona even more dangerous than we thought?

pandemic is a task for all of us

"We must continue to fight together against this pandemic," says Ackerly finally, because there is no certainty about whether you will be self-immune, or due to herd immunity protected it could be. "We need to do more than just wait around for a working medication and vaccinations."

To visors, to wash the hands, as well as to maintain the distance than to continue to test over a large area, track, and isolate belonged to to continue to wear mouth-nose-coverings,: "herd immunity is likely to be outside of our possibilities. We must not put all our hope on it.“ With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany, Trump repeated the Central Obama-error FOCUS Online/Wochit With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany to repeatedly Trump Central Obama error

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