Dispatches of imported salmon second wave? What do we know about the new Corona outbreak

investigators have traced the Virus to a hack Board in the Xinfadi market in the district of Fengtai back. On this imported salmon was processed, as the head of

Dispatches of imported salmon second wave? What do we know about the new Corona outbreak

investigators have traced the Virus to a hack Board in the Xinfadi market in the district of Fengtai back. On this imported salmon was processed, as the head of the wholesale market, the Beijing newspaper "Beijing Qingnianbao" reported.

The salmon was, again, another market for seafood. Many supermarkets in Beijing, she was subsequently imported salmon from their shelves. China imported salmon from a number of countries, such as Norway, Chile, Australia, Canada and the Faroe Islands.

Virus with a new Genstamm

The newly discovered Virus, according to a preliminary sequencing of the Genstamms different than the guy who has searched the country before home, such as Zeng Guang, an epidemiologist for the health Department reported, according to the "Global Times" of Sunday. The results will be compared with analyses from other countries, in order to determine the origin.

in Wuhan was suspected fruit in a market sea, where wild animals had been sold as a possible origin of the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19. Previously could not be reliably clarify when and how the novel Coronavirus from animals to humans übergesrpungen is. Now the current Cluster, meat and fish markets, has again brought into focus. Covid-19

Covid is an abbreviation and stands for Co rona Vi rus D isease, i.e. Corona Virus disease. The number 19 stands for 2019, so the year in which the disease has broken out. With Covid-19, the world health organization referred to accordingly, the infectious disease, the triggers, the newly discovered Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. She broke out in December, 2019 in Wuhan, China.

The Xinfadi market, the largest in Beijing and has an area of 112 hectares – the equivalent of about 150 football fields. The market, which provides around 90 percent of the vegetables and fruits of the 20-million-metropolis, has been closed and will be disinfected "comprehensive". About 10,000 dealers and employees of the market to be tested. Other markets in Beijing were forced to close their doors for investigations.

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fear of a second wave

In Beijing it is the first local infections for one and a half months. All of them had, according to "China Daily" a connection to the Xinfadi market, the investigation concentrated then. In the first 500 Tests, first discovered 45 Infected, according to local media, no symptoms. However, the new cases have sparked fears of a second wave of the Virus in China, which has had the outbreak has so far been largely in the grip.

Beijing tightened immediately all safety precautions. China's capital had already been since the beginning of the pandemic in the city of Wuhan in Central China half a year ago, particularly protected and stronger than other cities from the Rest of the country closed. The sharp security arrangements were only been a few weeks ago, eased.

Also, the driver of the airport Shuttle bus, get infected

Beijing have now are a "major Test" in the fight against lung disease – the biggest since a Phase of peace in the country, said the epidemiologist Zeng Guang from the national health service of the "Global Times". Tianjin and other neighboring cities and municipalities in the province of Hebei and city districts of the capital, called on residents to report immediately to the Corona Test, if you were recently on the Xinfadi market, or the six other closed markets in Beijing.

go As far as the infection, is still difficult to assess. Among the Infected also the driver of a Shuttle bus to the Beijing airport. He had the Xinfadi wholesale market at 3. June visited, then uncomfortable I felt, and on Friday get a fever, according to the paper. He had visited three hospitals, until he finally Covid-had been diagnosed 19.

of imported salmon a danger?

After all, what is known so far, it is unlikely to become infected via contaminated fish with Sars-CoV-2. "Currently, there are no cases in which it is proven, that people through consumption of contaminated food with the novel Coronavirus have been infected," writes the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR).

just As the experts will assess it according to the current state of knowledge, as "it is unlikely that import Goods such as food (...) could be a source of infection with the novel Coronavirus".

Because corona viruses cannot multiply in food. For this you need a living animal or human host. Only if you inject in the cells, you can use this to reproduce and an infection trigger.

in Addition, the novel corona viruses are considered to be not very stable in the environment. So, you are only a short time on objects or surfaces infectious. Nevertheless, infection by smear infections via surfaces that have been contaminated previously with viruses are theoretically possible and cannot be excluded. Virologist Christian Drosten of the Berlin Charité estimate that they represent about ten percent of the Sars-CoV-2 infections. Sars-CoV-2

The novel Coronavirus in the 11. February a new name: Sars-CoV-2. The acronym Sars stands for Severe Acute respiratory syndrome. Thus, the Name indicates that the Virus is closely related to the Sars Virus, which was developed in 2002/2003 to an epidemic.

Seven representatives of this group cause respiratory disease in humans. Three of them, such as Sars-CoV-2, to trigger severe symptoms. The pathogen causing the new infection Covid-19.

So, you can protect yourself against infection by food -

Transmission of the Virus via contaminated food or imported products is unlikely. Nevertheless, the experts from the BfR recommend in dealing with these should be "the General rules of the Hygiene of everyday life, such as regular hand washing and the hygiene rules to be complied with in the preparation of foodstuffs". And further: "Because the viruses are sensitive to heat, can reduce the risk of infection due to the Heating of foods in addition to more."

How high is the risk to infect about frozen food with Sars-CoV-2?

Many of the questions now, perhaps, as the risk of infection looks like when it is frozen salmon. Because the information from Beijing are still quite new, and according to current knowledge, say: "so Far there is no evidence to the chain of Infection of Sars-CoV-2 via the consumption of food, including frozen food," write the BfR experts. However, the previously known coronaviruses, Sars and Mers are cold-resistant and could stay at minus 20 degrees Celsius for up to two years in the frozen Status infectious. They refer, therefore, to note in the preparation of the General hygiene rules.

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