Detox-summer drinks, Healthy soft drinks for losing weight

If the beautiful summer days are getting hot, may flow in addition to water and juice also like something new and refreshing in the glass, and We provide five d

Detox-summer drinks, Healthy soft drinks for losing weight

If the beautiful summer days are getting hot, may flow in addition to water and juice also like something new and refreshing in the glass, and We provide five delicious summer drinks that will not only revive, but also healthy and help you lose weight.

The following Drinks help you Detoxify and create an alkaline environment in the body.

A healthy body has an excellent self cleaning system that flushes out the daily environmental toxins, pollutants, or metabolic deposits out. The kidneys and liver to filter out much of the toxins from the body fluids.

In addition, the lungs, the skin, the intestines and the lymphatic system carry constantly pollutants from the body cells.

Nevertheless, the polluted air, unhealthy food, harmful cosmetics and care products pollute our bodies every day. You can however apply a whole range of Tricks to help the body Detoxify.

The classic: a Refreshing lemon-soda

The classic refreshing lemon water drinks. It is healthy, helps to detoxify the liver and stimulates the digestion.

In addition, the drink is refreshing in summer, is delicious and easy to prepare: simply add water with as much fresh lemon juice mix.

On sugar or sweeteners should not be used better to achieve the Detox effect. To then engage rather a bit of honey, Stevia or Kokoblütenzucker, if it goes without a Sweet. You should also use organic lemons or limes.

Switchel: The simplest Detox-lemonade David Köndgen/Fit For Fun Switchel cider vinegar-lemonade recipe

very simple, but awesome for the Detox effect and delicious this summer-Drink succeed: Just some vinegar, ginger, and perhaps a sugar-alternative mix and start sipping, that's it for this fine summer-lemonade!

is not Also in the summer a boon: a cold ginger tea iStockphoto ginger-water

ginger tea, a component of Ayurvedic medicine, only in Winter, a popular drink. The cold variant has a cooling effect on hot summer days, calms inflammation and promotes both digestion and detoxification.

In the ginger peel valuable antioxidants stuck, so you should better buy organic ginger, so this does not need to be peeled at the time of preparation.

here's how: The ginger into thin slices, peel, and 20 to 30 minutes in a saucepan with a little water to cook. Then the Sud covered, for the Moment, and the Whole through a sieve to strain it.

According to need can be refined, the tea with a little lemon or lime juice and honey, coconut sugar or Stevia. After the Mix comes some time in the fridge and ready to the healthy soft drink!

Pfeffi Drink without remorse

peppermint is good for digestion and acts against Nausea. For a refreshing and detoxifying peppermint drink, it takes just one and a half cups of fresh, washed and ideally organic mint leaves, mixed with half a Cup of water in a kitchen blender.

A pinch of crystal salt and a teaspoon of cumin powder (this is antiseptic, cleansing and detoxifying), add, as well as three to four teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Then all the ingredients to a smooth Paste mix, which is finally recognized in the ratio of one to three with water.

Depending on your taste, you can here, too, a little sweet, but better not with table sugar, which provides only empty Kalorine but no nutrients.

A couple of ice cubes – and finished the Pfeffi-Drink that gives guarantees no hangover, but quite on the contrary, can relieve.

water-melons-cucumbers-Smoothie stick food Skinny watermelon Margarita

cucumbers contain a lot of silica, which is, once again, is as a detoxification agent against aluminum. Too much aluminum in the body to even promote Alzheimer's. In addition, silica is good for connective tissue and the bone.

watermelon is not only refreshing, but also nutritious. This drink combines both to make a delicious Smoothie! You take a – if organic, unpeeled, then sliced cucumber and three-quarters of a watermelon and add everything in a blender.

An ice cube – and you've got a delicious, fruity summer Smoothie!

Green Detox Power from the Ensatfter

Green juices to detoxify as we know best: Since these have little fiber, are the detoxifying substances in a highly concentrated Form, the juice can flow freely into the cells. Ideally, mixing the juices with a few fruits, so the drink is detoxifying, foods and tasty!

For the green Power drink in addition to a leistugn strong juicer the following ingredients: four Apples, two small cucumbers, six cabbage leaves, a stick of celery, a half of Romaine lettuce and a piece of fresh .

Everything in a low number of revolutions in the juicer and processed, and finally the juice of half a lemon, add: The pleasant acidity completes this vitamin bomb is wonderful.

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