Demos make Corona-patient stunned: distance and mask are non-negotiable

to not see Hardly any distance, masks, practically - the beyond of the regulations and findings have protested on Saturday in Berlin around 20,000 people agains

Demos make Corona-patient stunned: distance and mask are non-negotiable

to not see Hardly any distance, masks, practically - the beyond of the regulations and findings have protested on Saturday in Berlin around 20,000 people against the government measures to curb Corona pandemic. Already, the Demonstration was declared after long hours of failure to respect the hygiene rules by the organizer to be completed during the subsequent rally, the police then provided the of Dissatisfaction accompanied.

in addition to Corona-deniers and Impfgegnern were at the rally, many participants with a clear right-wing flags or T-Shirts in the crowd. Politics and the media show themselves appalled by the shoulder-to-shoulder simple critics and extreme Right. On the weekend a discussion, in which also the Minister of health, Jens Spahn turned flared up. He wrote on Twitter: "Yes, the demonstrations also have to be in Corona-times. But not like that.“ The Italian EU Commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni, not tweeted, such an idea of freedom was to Laugh. "This is scary."

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Ex-Corona-non-Diseased: "distance and mask are non-negotiable"

Claudia king was in the March itself Covid-19 ill. Five weeks she had to stay back in quarantine until today, she wears long-term damage from their disease of them, told FOCUS Online. So her Diabetes was derailed, as she herself says, since "completely". In addition, there are still days when you "total K. O" is. Before the disease was never so.

in Berlin, 20,000 people have gathered to demonstrate without a mask, and the distance against the Corona-measures, the 61-Year-old only harsh words: "I think that's fucked up." The not going at all says you still. It could be differences of opinion on whether certain measures are necessary or not – "but distance and mask are non-negotiable".

nurse "angry" about the Demos

the protesters in Berlin don't observe these simple rules, it is called the diabetic "antisocial". Unspeakably you will also find that the protesters through their participation in the Demo with the extreme Right make common cause. Wear a mask not to be political, as she says, "but an expression of common sense".

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Just today, the king was for health checks in hospital. There she has a conversation with a nurse who has worked during the acute pandemic-time in an intensive care unit, on Saturday's Demonstration. "She told me that she is very angry when she sees such demonstrations," said king. The time had been "the worst of your life", the nurse told her.

"had to work all the time a week in an ICU,"

And what to do against the protesters, denying the Severity of the disease is still? "The need to work all the time a week in an intensive care unit," says king. People see their fundamental rights have been restricted, the 61-Year-old "simply absurd". She says that it is protected in the same Moment you complain about a lack of basic rights, from exactly those. "Because in non-democratic countries for such Statements quickly in prison."

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want to say to The protesters, king still: "Just because I wear a mask, I don't live in fear." You has decided to want to be part of the solution and not the problem.

a Former Corona-Patient: "for me, This is a contradiction in itself"

the 27-year-old Stefan Huber was infected in March with the Coronavirus. Brother, mother, and grandmother were infected as well. While he survived the disease with only mild flu symptoms, had to be treated for both mother as well as grandma for 17 days in the ICU in the hospital. The disease was at Hubers members so hard that they needed oxygen. "The alarm bells are ringing already," he said at the time, FOCUS Online. But Huber, his brother, his mother and grandmother have survived the infection. fol/dpa, Stefan Huber from upper Bavaria, was in Spain with Covid-19. Almost his whole family became ill as a result.

the protesters in Berlin will gather for "more freedom and self-determination" and at the same time, existing rules of disregard, finds Huber's "impossible". The protesters otherwise would be to say 'Give me more freedom, but the existing rules I'm violating' said Huber. "And for me, that is a contradiction in itself." The Act of the 20,000 Corona-protesters in Berlin had been "simply shows a lack of solidarity," says the 27-Year-old.

countermeasures to protest? "Totally okay,"

to assemble in crowds and protest beyond the rules, should the Corona critics start turn-on "your brain," the former Corona-Infected casually. "The man would say at the table." Huber believes that many of the studies about the disease may have been not reliable and representative. "But that gives me no blank note, to me the Corona facts to add to turn as it just fits me."

Nevertheless, it was "totally okay," said Huber, when people took to the streets to protest against the measures. The Problem is that many of the rules and the crisis, so again could exacerbate. In addition to Huber politicians showed as Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki understanding for the protesters. He was sure that the protesters "a lot of people were not lost for us who are just desperate because they know why these measures are implemented," said FDP Deputy chief in the "Live Talk". With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany, Trump repeated the Central Obama-error FOCUS Online/Wochit With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany to repeatedly Trump Central Obama error

Date Of Update: 03 August 2020, 16:26

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