Demorand – Should I wear a mask to do sports ? - The Point

The port of the mask is a guest in our daily life since the 11th of last may. Its use is new for many of us, it requires new habits and raises many questions. T

Demorand – Should I wear a mask to do sports ? - The Point

The port of the mask is a guest in our daily life since the 11th of last may. Its use is new for many of us, it requires new habits and raises many questions. The Covid-19 is transmitted mainly through droplets of saliva and the mask plays a role of barrier major, because it blocks the emission of large droplets, which prevents their release into the ambient air and the contamination of surrounding persons.

The Covid-19 is a disease that spreads, first and foremost, in the closed settings. For this reason, the wearing of the mask will be essential if you are performing a physical exercise indoors, in the company of other people, like to practice sports in the gym. The Covid-19 transmitted by the spatters, the increase in respiratory rate during the effort inevitably generates a strong increase of the emission of droplets into the ambient air, which, in a confined environment, could represent a major risk of contamination. The practice of outdoor sports exhibits significantly less at risk of being contaminated, or contaminate, the spread of the virus to be less obvious. However, it is important to follow certain guidelines in environments dense as the cities.

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Remove cover

If you perform a physical activity in a group outside or in an environment where you cross the world, such as in urban areas, you will need to wear a mask to protect yourself and others. The choice of the type of mask worn during the physical activity then arises. It is necessary to immediately set aside the masks of type FFP2 and FFP1 to book to health professionals and to professional activities at risk. In addition, their production makes them particularly unsuitable to the practice of sport. Remains to choose between the masks, the so-called " surgical ", and the gauze masks in public, and whose qualities differ. More a mask will be filtering, and the easier it will be to limit the spread of the virus, but least it will be comfortable and suitable for sports. The masks in fabric can be more comfortable to use, but their level of filtration will be lower.

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As in altitude

The wearing of a mask during a sporting activity can give the feeling to produce an additional effort. However, no significant effect was measured on the performance of those who wore. Exhaled air is rich in carbon dioxide (CO2), the wearing of a mask during physical activity will cause an increase of the CO2 inhalation, like the practice of sport at altitude, exhaled CO2 is found trapped in the mask. This does not pose problems, except possibly for a sport at high intensity. However, it would be prudent for those who suffer from chronic illnesses cardiac or respiratory limit the intensity of the effort, in order not to run any risk. In addition, the increase in the respiratory rate will wet much more quickly the mask, either surgical or fabric. This is not without consequences, since moisture alters the qualities of filtration of the mask. More the mask will be wet, and the harder it will be to breathe comfortably. Therefore, it is recommended and desirable to obtain a second mask in order to change over the course of the sequence sports. The handling of the mask is soiled is likely to drop the virus on your fingers, be sure to bring with you a small vial of aqueous-alcoholic solution so that you disinfect the hands.

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The practice of sport is not always easy with a mask, but the compliance measures barriers is fundamental in the fight that we are fighting against the Covid-19. More than ever, we need to respect the rules of social distancing and gestures barriers in order to sustain the effects of the confinement on the evolution of the epidemic. If you exercise in a group, keep a distance of at least two metres between you so that you do not risk you contaminating, and when the sports halls will re-open, be vigilant, because the coronavirus particularly like the circles closed and poorly ventilated areas.

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