Dangerous high blood pressure: heart, explained the Professor, for whom the risk is a Corona

The surprising finding of a recent study from England says: high blood pressure is linked with a lesser Covid-19-the risk of death. The prepublished manuscript

Dangerous high blood pressure: heart, explained the Professor, for whom the risk is a Corona

The surprising finding of a recent study from England says: high blood pressure is linked with a lesser Covid-19-the risk of death. The prepublished manuscript is published in the scientific magazine "Nature".

More of the risk factors that increase the risk of death from Covid-19, read here.

so Far, high blood pressure had been one of the factors supporting a severe course and the risk of death will increase. So it is also in the list of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI). According to information of the German hypertension League (DHL) suffer in this country between 20 and 30 million people have high blood pressure, medically hypertension. Of physician speak to in Europe when value is higher than 140 mmHg.

What is high blood pressure power – for Corona – dangerous?

hypertension is considered the "silent Killer". Because, taken by itself, the increased pumping capacity of the heart makes is not noticeable. Twenty percent of those Affected knowledge of the DHL according to still unaware of their high blood pressure. One out of every Ten could not handle, even though he knew his high blood pressure. One-third of the treated Hypertensive patients are not currently well set. Exciting, but just no time?

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Uwe Dettmar, Andreas Zeiher, Director of the clinic for cardiology, angiology, and Nephrology of the University hospital of Frankfurt. This is exactly in times of Corona is particularly important, says Andreas Zeiher, Director of the clinic for cardiology, angiology, and Nephrology of the University hospital of Frankfurt. the "high blood pressure is, however, no independent risk factor," , explains the cardiologist, in an interview with FOCUS Online. He is not causal with the Chance to Covid-19 developing a disease or a worsening prognosis. the Dangerous for the hypertension is, however, if Obesity and Diabetes are added . This strain on the cardiovascular System, damaging blood vessels and can play together with hypertension for metabolic syndrome.

"is Interesting in the analysis from England: When you have corrected the data for age and gender, shows in fact that for the younger ages, up to 60. Age, hypertension with a more than two-fold increased risk of Covid-19 goes to die.“ In the case of the elderly, over 70, it is exactly in the other direction. It is a lesser risk of death is shown.

"is The cause of this is unclear," says the heart Professor. "But perhaps the older people are treated better." Those with high blood pressure 80, is maintained generally good and don't have probably other organ damage.

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A different picture signed recently, a study from China: people with high blood pressure to die about twice as often Covid-19. "You have to know, however, that in China, people have between 50 and 70 years to 44 percent of high blood pressure, which is set in the rule, too bad" files Zeiher the results of the study. That is, the data reflect the simple, such as high blood pressure is distributed in the population and do not show any isolated risk factor. "Therefore, these data from China are not transferred certainly on Germany."

hypertension is not a party to the cardiologist, according to the causal to the Severity of the Covid-19-history. Rather, the people through the damage caused by the high blood pressure before already . High blood pressure damages vessel walls, leads to thickening of the heart wall (myocardium hypertrophy), connective tissue remodeling (fibrosis) in the heart, triggers atherosclerosis (vascular calcification), and kidney damage. "In the English study, the patients who have renal impairment will have a much increased risk ," says Zeiher. "If the hypertension has caused end-organ damage, are at risk the people especially." More on the topic of the heart and circulation, The most important sign of a diseased heart, also leg pain are survival warning sign of a heart attack: What's in the minutes, hours and months important 12 foods you must eat in order to halve your risk of heart attack researchers at the dispute about the blood pressure: This is the perfect measurement value of The 4-6-10 rule: How you Stress, and hypertension just women wegatmen with heart disease die more frequently than men - the reason for this is preventable explains cardiologist, what he does for the protection of the heart

For whom is high blood pressure a risk?

Therefore, is clear: in Principle, strong <> high blood pressure for those at risk, the knowledge of your elevated blood pressure nothing or poorly set .

Who lives permanently with elevated blood pressure, compromised his health. Organs and vessels may be excessively loaded and damaged. The risk for strokes and heart attacks increases. The world health organization (WHO) has classified elevated blood-pressure, meanwhile, is considered the biggest global threat to health. All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

The the optimum blood pressure value

is blood pressure the devices measure in units of millimeters of Mercury. The abbreviation is mmHg. You referred to the pressure that is necessary to have liquid mercury in a tube with a mm lift.

  • medical doctors in Germany speak of high blood pressure (hypertension) from a value higher than 140 mmHg.
  • Decreases blood pressure less than 105 mmHg, this is low blood pressure (hypotension).
  • As an optimal a blood pressure value of less than 120 (systolic) and 80 (diastolic).
Specifically divides the world health organisation, high blood pressure values as follows:

FOCUS Online The systolic value shows which pressure blood from the heart into the body is pressed. The diastolic value measures the blood pressure when the heart fills with blood between two heart beats.

With age, the values will rise automatically. Here it is important to check these regularly. Under the "young people high blood pressure hits, if he is not in very rare cases, genetically, those who are overweight, very little sports, a total of a little active, and often even pre-diabetes have, without knowing it," explained Zeiher.

What should high blood pressure patients in Corona times? to keep

your blood pressure in the healthy range, take a lot of people blood pressure medicines, and ACE2-inhibitor. Just to the latter, there was since the outbreak of the Corona-pandemic very different messages. The medicines make the patient susceptible for Sars-CoV-2? Or you help the body even in the case of an infection?

cardiologist Zeiher makes it clear: "ACE2 leads to increased infection, at the same time, the enzyme has protective effects, protecting cells, particularly of the lungs. This protection outweighs. Therefore, the clear message from us is, as a society, of cardiology: ACE2 inhibitor should be discontinuation of the Affected do not, but continue.“

The Discontinuation resulting collateral damage would be too great. From all of the studies, there is no Signal, that ACE2 inhibitors with an increased risk of infection or a worse Covid-19-associated history. Further findings of the expert, expected in August, when from currently ongoing studies, these results will be presented.

"Although high blood pressure is not a causal risk factor, you must set the pressure at such times, of course, in the best way possible," warns the heart Professor. "Because people, when he is out of tape, cut with any illness worse and, of course, in the case of a severe infection." Regardless of the blood pressure medication, the best prevention is to stay also, "being physically active".

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