CrossFit: 6 intense Workouts you can do at home

In the 1990s, it was CrossFit as is sometimes the hardest power circuit training in the world, especially popular in the USA. Primarily soldiers and policemen

CrossFit: 6 intense Workouts you can do at home

In the 1990s, it was CrossFit as is sometimes the hardest power circuit training in the world, especially popular in the USA.

Primarily soldiers and policemen held with these Workouts fit. Meanwhile, they are also known – and sometimes feared. But this is unfounded.

The combination of Exercises with and without weight, which is to create in a given time, many repetitions, or rounds or a target number to complete this as soon as possible and go on the substance.

But they also have great effects: for the Muskelauf and fat reduction as well as for General Fitness.

Additionally, a CrossFit calls-Workout all major muscle groups, and these are also functional in complex movement patterns work together and the motor trains, so basic properties.

the competition-character – to measure with any sport, the same Box of learning – is considered to be particularly motivational, may intimidate some beginners.

entry to home

practice for beginners is CrossFit suitable, as there is for almost every Exercise is a easier Alternative. Who is afraid of the direct comparison with other, you can try home to one of the at-Home WODs.

in addition to Bodyweight Exercises these are the Exercises with the Kettle or Dumbbells to perform. Who has these to Hand, you can build creative with everyday objects.

But be careful: Even without Weights, the quick repetition of the Exercises involves a certain risk of injury. The Challenge idea – even if you compete only against yourself or the time – should never occur in front of the clean execution of a movement.

CrossFit WODs for home

these six "Workouts of the day" you only need a Mat, a towel and something to drink – because every single one of Training is under warranty diaphoretic.


The Name describes the number of repetitions to be completed: You start with 21 Burpees, and you're directly in the connection 21 Thrusters. Only then will you pause for two Minutes.

The second set consists of 15 Burpees, and 15 Thrusters, on the two-minute break to follow. In the third round, there are only 9 reps.

Because of this, both Exercises train the entire body, you burn in only fifteen to twenty minutes, you need for this WOD, a lot of calories.

Spring for the Burpees out of the pushup position in the state and in the expanded jump, then back to the ground.

The Thrusters combine the movement of a Squat with an Overhead Press. You go so high out of the squat and push the arms stretched out upwards.

Interval Running

A classic CrossFit Workouts, Instead of at home you do this Exercise outside. It involves 800 meters run, on the three-minute break to follow. Then you run 400 meters and rest for a while, then two minutes. To conclude, another 200 Meter run.

back to the interval training will repeat three times. You should at the end of a training period of about fifty to sixty minutes. The quick exchange of Auspower and Erholngsphasen is optimal for calorie burning.

AMRAP – 20 minutes

The goal of this workout is to create "As Many Rounds As Possible" (AMRAP) in twenty minutes. In each round, a round of you:

  • 20 Walking Lunges
  • 15 Push Ups
  • 30 seconds of Plank.

Pause between rounds for as long as necessary but as short as possible.

Eighth in the failure of step-gear (Walking Lunges) to the fact that the steps are not too small and not too big.

The push-UPS can be based on the floor, on a bench, and on the knee carried out depending on the desired level of difficulty.

The forearm support, it is especially the voltage in the Core: it is not the case in the hollow cross.


Candy consists of pull-UPS five rounds, push-UPS and squats. And thou shalt make per round quite a lot of reps, take as much time as you need. In each set

  • 20 Pull-Ups
  • 40 Push-Ups
  • 60 Squats

pull-UPS, and directly twenty on the piece are not so easy – especially if you don't have a chin-up bar in the door. To make this Exercise a little easier and to be able to perform at home, without problems, take a towel to help.

Attach this securely to the doorknob. Close the door and pull you to the voltage held in the towel with the power of the poor – can slowly fall back until the arms are again fully stretched.

gallery: home Exercises: Crossfit's coming home

Tabata Intervals

This HIIT Workout has it. In General, Tabata says, a Workout Form that you give twenty seconds of full-throttle, then only ten seconds, pause again for twenty seconds by powerst, and so on.

In this example, you make up for it with three alternating Exercises, namely, Burpees, Sit-Ups and Kettlebell Swings. For the final twenty seconds of Burpees to follow again.

For the Kettlebell Swings you're bent at the knees slightly, keep your back straight. The arms swing from the bottom, between the legs, up to shoulder height and back again.

For this Exercise, add a weight to increase. Who doesn't have a Kettlebell, just a Sack of potatoes, a heavy backpack or Similar. The force in this movement, not from the arms but from the legs and Core.

With a record time of only four to five minutes of this WOD is choking all the excuses based on the little bit of time in the Bud.


In the CrossFit scene, it is known that particularly hard Workouts female names. Also, Angie is no exception. The principle is all the more easier. You'll complete a total of:

  • 100 Pull Ups
  • 100 Push-Ups
  • 100 Sit-Ups
  • 100 Squats

install How many breaks you, after how many Reps you Exercise, change, etc., is completely up to you. Using again the towel from the handle, for easier Pull-Ups.

Think Outside the CrossFit Box

Even without a Kettle or Dumbbells you can easily change the intensity of almost any Exercise to increase – and with utensils that actually has legs of each home: Filled water bottles, books, heavy backpacks, bags of Potatoes, a broom, and a lot more you can alienate the very simple purpose. to intensify

Instead of dumbbells, you can, for example, in each Hand a filled water bottle. Some is more creative and is attached to both Ends of a broom style a bit to load and uses it as a Barbell (barbell).

The Walking Lunges can be even easier with a bottle in Hand more difficult.

Kettlebell Swings and Sit-Ups with weight to work correctly with a filled to the brim bottle of liquid detergent, or – if available – a large rice sack (which can weigh up to twenty kilograms).


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