Coronavirus: How dangerous is it to fly?

a worldwide travel warning is Also when, due to the Coronavirus, as before, some countries limits current to and to open, making many people hope that a summer

Coronavirus: How dangerous is it to fly?

a worldwide travel warning is Also when, due to the Coronavirus, as before, some countries limits current to and to open, making many people hope that a summer holiday could still be possible.

However, holiday will have to do this year, have little to do with travel, you actually accustomed to.

it starts with the fact that not all the destinations are approached.

in Addition, dozens of additional security provisions make it difficult, into the summer light holiday feeling sink.

On the other hand it is to make these special arrangements but at all possible, to be able to travel again. However, how these protective measures are actually?

The security measures on airlines

Even if the EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) has created a Guideline for the air traffic in times of Covid-19, the individual safety precautions of the airlines significantly from each other.

have agreed on most airlines, however, is a significantly minimized the number of passengers per flight, to be able to them as far apart as possible place.

in Addition, many airlines, such as Delta put, in these times, when you Disinfect your aircraft on a particularly strong electro-static variant.

in addition, aircraft have in General, however, soweiso through high-efficiency particulate filter (HEPA), the mixing of more than 99.99 percent of the particles, including viruses, and remove the air in the cabin with fresh air from the outside. to ensure

To have a good Hygiene, for example, offers the Lufthansa on all of the toilets in addition, disinfecting Soaps. In the case of Condor, Easyjet and Ryanair sets you up with enough soap.

in addition, many airlines have reduced the on-Board service.

food and drinks will be offered still. For Dr. Bruce Polsky, Chairman of medicine at the NYU Winthrop Hospital, this constitutes a clear security gap.

"just Think of all of you, who need to lose weight while eating and Drinking their masks. It's like a flying Restaurant," warns he, in an Interview with 'Health'.

flying, in times of Corona: experts disagree

Not only in relation to the fact he can fly holds to be risky: "The masses of people between airports, security checks and boarding queues can now times not to be missed. And there is also an empty middle seat offers no 1.5 meters social distance."

Other experts consider this to be a little looser.

Charles Bailey, medical Director for infection prevention at St. Joseph Hospital and Mission Hospital in Orange County, California, explains the risk, COVID-19 in a plane, for example, for "low, but not excludable“.

in addition to the risk mitigation measures taken by airlines and airports, see it all, the travelers responsibility to counteract the spread of Infection to.

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in addition to a sufficient distance to other people, should be reduced, for example, contact with surfaces and objects to a Minimum.

in Addition, a hand disinfectant of the basic equipment should include, as well as face masks, which are required by most airlines anyway.

These include Lufthansa, Condor and Easyjet, the guests without a face mask even Passengers refuse to. Ryanair, by contrast, leaves his passengers, currently still without the mouth-nose protection happen.

However, the Start of one's own mind with the idea of what you may risk by negligence on the part of currently is here in the doubt – after all, the opportunity to travel again should not pass away so quickly.


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