Corona-control: Must keep children with colds at home?

Hardly the day-care centres had nationwide for all children, re-open sat the first already back home. The reason: In most of the länder, the institutions due

Corona-control: Must keep children with colds at home?

Hardly the day-care centres had nationwide for all children, re-open sat the first already back home.

The reason: In most of the länder, the institutions due to the hygiene requirements are the symptoms also in the case of mild colds encouraged to send children home.

The handling of the bodies so that a is similar to wild growth: Some day care centers require children to doctors for a certificate to exclude a disease with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Others require the children to a negative Corona test results, others nothing.

Jacob's mask has a children's doctor's practice in Berlin-Schöneberg, and is Secretary of the professional Association of child and youth doctors.

A conversation about the meaningfulness of the requirements of the policy and what parents can hope for.

"is a runny nose is not a Symptom of Corona"

It is the cases in which day care centers send children with a normal cold home are piling up. How useful it is from your point of view, a runny nose as an exclusion criterion to define?

Jacob mask : This is complete nonsense. Is a cold not a typical Symptom for a Corona is a disease, but a normal cold symptom. In the first kindergarten winter, children make up 10 to 15 infections, in the second there are still 5 to 10.

Now is the summer, and yet many children have a cold just. The theory that you catch up with the infections now you may have due to the day-care centre closures in the spring had not agreed?

mask: Whether one can speak of catching up to Do, I don't know. But one thing is clear: Since the centers have opened again, will come back for more children and infections spread more easily. Only the not have to do necessarily with Corona to.

If the day-care centres send sick or allegedly sick children, the consistent home, it will reduce the overall Sick leave in the case of children and educators. What this means, but for the child's immune system?

mask: This is the Problem: at some point we all have to go through diseases, the sooner, the better. Otherwise, the structure of the defence forces, moves further and further to the rear.

to send When a runny nose is no reason for children to go home - what are the symptoms of it are?

mask: To apply that to children with a fever, of which we speak in the case of a rectal measurement above 38.5 degrees – in the case of diarrhoea, vomiting or General listlessness at home should.

And, of course, is not, in individual cases it makes sense to send the child in case of suspicion on Corona because it was in close contact to an infected Person – also in the day – care centre.

Some institutions also require a certificate, so-called healthy writing by the child's doctor, before a son or daughter are allowed back into their group. What do you think?

mask: , We have positioned ourselves as an Association, this clear. In the case of banal infectious diseases there is no medical need for certificates to be issued. I think that is both medically and economically, is nonsense.

As a parent must then run again with the child in the practice to get a certificate and can then go back to a day not work.

it Is to be feared that parents in the autumn and Winter, increasingly, out of desperation, out your child with a fever suppository or juice in the day-care centre will be able to send?

mask: There are cases in which parents do this already. But I don't think the increase is. Because most parents worry Yes but to your child when it is sick.

children have been treated from the beginning of the pandemic, in particularly severe, although a number of studies have now disproved, that of children, a large contagion risk. How do you explain that?

mask: The policy has never taken the view of children, in all the time. The restrictions, which were adopted, were correct.

But the relaxations are come for day-care centres and schools, far too late. As collateral damage were taken into the bargain, that children have lost ties that you have less learned.

children have been shown as a super spreader. We know that you have a low risk. Nevertheless, there are many educators and teachers have in front of a contagion of a great fear. The need to take seriously. do you Have advice for parents on how to get through the fall and winter season with your children?

mask : the nerve keep. There must be a clear set of rules from above, such as day-care centres with mild symptoms in the next few months. And I'm sure that will come. The pressure is on the rise.

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