Carcinogenic and harmful to the organs: These are additives you should avoid

flavors, dyes, preservatives, and thickening agents make foods attractive to consumers. Leave a odor-neutral food is better smell, beautify by a more intense co

Carcinogenic and harmful to the organs: These are additives you should avoid

flavors, dyes, preservatives, and thickening agents make foods attractive to consumers. Leave a odor-neutral food is better smell, beautify by a more intense color of the product, or make it a longer shelf life. Some additives are completely harmless, while others should you prefer to avoid, because they are suspected of diseases such as allergies, ADHD and cancer to trigger.

in Principle, the European food safety authority examines whether an additive is harmful. There is no doubt as to the safety, the fuel is admitted. For certain additives, a quantity limitation and a warning is mandatory, however.


the dyes are in natural and synthetic Form. Entirely natural dyes on plant and animal Basis, there are only very few, however, countless synthetic dyes. They are based either on a natural counterpart, or arise purely in a test tube. To belong to this group of azo dyes.

Yellow colourings E102, E104, E110

These dyes dyeing, for example, salted snacks, jams and Pudding.

  • rash strokes and shortness of breath are complaints that can trigger the Azo dye E102 – tartrazine . Especially for people who suffer from an intolerance to Aspirin, this dye is serious. The carcinogenic effect of this dye is controversial. Identical complaints can call E110 yellow-orange out.
  • E104 – quinoline yellow : food containing this dye, must bear the note "can affect the activity and attention in children", because they can cause attention disorders and hyperactivity. Furthermore, E104 pseudo-allergies are encouraged. These are allergies that have only the symptoms of a classic Allergy, but no immunological reaction. Easy healthy, Our PDF guide life-2019 shows how you can lose weight easier, relaxation, stronger and fitter be. Plus: the best Doctors.To the PDF guide
Red dyes E122, E123, E124, E127, E129

can be used in meat and fish substitutes from vegetable protein, sauces, sweets and jams.

  • in addition to pseudo-allergies can cause the dyes, E122 carmoisine, E124 Cochenillenrot, E129 – Allura red also hyperactivity in children.
  • Concern E127 Erythrosine is also . This dye is supposed to cause thyroid the previously mentioned symptoms and also disorders.
  • E123 – Amaranth (the dye, not the grain) is suspected to cause damage to the kidneys. the In America it is forbidden to this dye, as shown by Experiments on animals, that it can cause cancer.
Brown colorant E150, E151, E154, E155

Cola, cakes and sauces is thanks to these substances the color.

  • E150 – caramel is not considered safe, as long as you exceed the recommended daily dose of 300 milligrams per Kilo of body weight. In the United States, food must carry with E 150 a warning on the potential risk of cancer.
  • E154 brown can damage large quantities of the internal organs. Is approved, this dye exclusively for smoked herring. Harmful to the internal organs E155 is also .
  • The dye E180 brilliant black to trigger pseudo-allergies.


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The use of preservatives prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and Yeast. For this reason, they also protect our health. Extend the shelf-life of the food. However, preservatives can be a concern.

  • E220 sulphur dioxide is a widely used material to make dried fruit and ready meals shelf-life. Headache, Nausea, and diarrhea are possible reactions to this preservative.
  • E249 and E250 are nitrites. Especially the meat industry uses these to flesh umzuröten and preserve. These additives act as a vasodilator and lowers the blood pressure, which is especially hazardous to infants.
  • The consumer classifies E235 as a concern. This is only used in the manufacture of Provolone cheese to use. As harmful are classified in addition, the Caviar dyes E284 and E285 .
thickeners and gelling agents

additives such as locust bean gum and guar gum give food a better consistency. By means of a binder, sauces, Light and dairy products to get a more pleasant feeling in the mouth. Most of them are harmless.

  • E407 – carrageenan binds Ketchup, sauces, and Pudding. It is undigested excreted in the stool and reduced nutrient absorption.
  • you Avoid the use of the thickening agent E425 – konjac . Manufacturers often use it in glass noodles. It is intended to prevent the absorption of nutrients and the intestinal contents increase.
flavour enhancer

flavor enhancers are not tasty spices, but chemically produced substances, which - as the Name says - enhance the taste. In addition, they produce an artificial feeling of Hunger.

  • E620 – E625 – Glutamate act like a drug on the body. Migraines, stomach pain, temples, pressure, and high blood pressure can occur as a result of glutamate.

Many products artificial Sweet get.

  • The sweetener E951 – aspartame triggered in animal experiments of cancer and can lead to headaches and memory loss.
  • E999 – quillaia extract is to improve the formation of foam in drinks, but can also reduce the number of blood cells or their function to restrict.
additives in organic products

Bio-associations will want to materials the use of additives as low as possible and therefore for the most part, additives. For organic food, 47 of 316 additives are approved substances, all of which are harmless.


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