Blemishes: remove These 5 tips will help against unsightly stains

number of blemishes, Ade! These 5 tips can help you against the dark spots and make for a more beautiful skin About 80 percent of Germans suffer at least onc

Blemishes: remove These 5 tips will help against unsightly stains

number of blemishes, Ade! These 5 tips can help you against the dark spots and make for a more beautiful skin

About 80 percent of Germans suffer at least once in the course of your life under impure skin such as acne, pustules or pimples to paint. Happy to be able to appreciate those in whom only now and then a whelk is visible, which goes as quickly as it came. Far worse it is, if you are wearing unsightly Souvenirs such as blemishes of them. The red-brownish patches are often over the years on the face or back, and can – unfortunately – at any age occur. You should accept simply? Is not out of the question!

number of blemishes remove pimples arise times?

It's just too tempting: The pimples immediately path expressions, instead of waiting until he disappears – but fingers! Because pimples or blackheads not be expressed correctly, ignites the body, and reddish-brown pigmented spots may remain. The Munich dermatologist Dr. Timm Golüke explains how this process works: "If the blemish is healed, you will bleed more, the vessels dilate and the colour pigment Melanin is deposited. Normally Melanin is produced by the body as a natural sun protection and provides a healthy complexion. If the tissue, however, was injured, as the expressions of a breakout, you can collect an excessive amount of Melanin at this point, and an unsightly discoloration left. Therefore, the number of blemishes are also referred to as post inflammatory (after an inflammation occurring) Hyper-pigmentation.“ (Also read: pimples get rid of over night: 6 Tricks that really work!)

With these 5 tips, you can Have number of blemishes remove

so no-one wants – but what can you do about it? So you are pimples times los

1. Skin care creams

In the regular care routine, include a special creams for pimples times and skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-discoloration antibacterial and brightening up your work. Helpful allies ingredients such as fern extract, azelaic acid, fruit acids, Vitamin C and Retinol (Vitamin A). The latter affects the top layers of the skin and can inhibit thereby the number of blemishes whiten , and even the formation of new blemishes.

it is always Important to make sure that the products are "non-comedogenic", which means: you are not allowed to clog pores.

2. Zinc ointment

If the pimple has passed, it is worth the handle to the zinc ointment. The zinc oxide boosts the Regeneration and the anti faster decay. The ointment is applied to the swab to the affected areas with a cotton. the tip from the dermatologist: "zinc is prevents also a physical sunscreen of pigmentation and Blemishes helps." (Also interesting: With these 4 Grooming Hacks on your skin through the summer)

3. Sun protection

Daily sun protection is to apply, because UV rays increase additionally, the pigment formation . Existing Blemishes out of shape, due to the sun light is still stronger, and new ones, where just a pimple has healed. Therefore it is imperative that a high level of UV protection to healed pimples make the skin is oil-free and anti-comedogenic, of course! (Also worth a visit: day cream read with SPF: The practical sun protection in the spring?)

4. Peeling

scrubs are great for removing the blemishes. Who is a Peeling begrudge his skin 1-2 Times per week, not only carries dead skin cells, but also stimulates the skin renewal process . Fruit acid peels have proven they are the real heroes, because they leave after a short time the dark spots are paler and the skin appears more even. Scrubs with a low acid content can be used without problems at home.

A professional treatment at the dermatologist, however, offers the opportunity to find out about skin problems and thus to achieve faster the desired goal. "We use the fruit acid peels with a high percentage of AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) and a long exposure time. Between three to six treatments every four weeks are needed in order to pimples times to get rid of. After that you should abstain for at least eight weeks on an extensive sun bath,“ said Dr. Golüke. (Also read: these are the five biggest skin care mistakes for men)

5. Laser treatments

With laser treatments to get rid of blemishes quickly. This has proved to be the Fractional Laser as efficient. The reason is that Especially small pimples times can precise lasers, without irritating the surrounding tissue. A number of micro-beams penetrate the top layer of skin and stimulates the natural healing process. The body produces fresh collagen and new skin cells emerge. "Depending on how severely the skin is affected it takes two to four treatments to pimples times to get rid of. It is also important to avoid the sun,“ advises the expert.

Relentless companion: as long as it takes for Blemishes to disappear

The treatment of Pimple marks patience requires , because they do not disappear from one day to the other. The spots have formed only once, you are also persistent. "Depending on the type of skin and treatment of blemishes disappear in three to six months," says the expert Dr. Timm Golüke. (Read also: it helps with skin blemishes)

number of blemishes to prevent before they arise

pimples times prevent, you should go for a deep cleansing necessarily have to be in professional hands and resist the temptation of it around to push. As a result, the risk of the emergence of these times will be significantly minimised, because only by wrong to Express the spots on the face stay back.

"So this I rate applied by the radiation of the sun do not intensify and to paint the right Pimple to Mature, always have a UV protection to healed Pimples. So no dark spots arise,“ recommends Dr. Timm Golüke. In addition, in the morning and in the evening, a thorough cleaning is called for. The more time allowed the better. (Also read: 9 reasons why you get pimples)

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