Better sleep: These 3 expert tips will help you guaranteed

fall asleep Better? With these 3 expert tips What can you remember, if you are thinking of how you are as a child asleep? Most of us associate beautiful ritu

Better sleep: These 3 expert tips will help you guaranteed

fall asleep Better? With these 3 expert tips

What can you remember, if you are thinking of how you are as a child asleep? Most of us associate beautiful rituals such as bedtime stories or lullabies they heard from their parents and through this sleep aid wonderfully to the Land of dreams have found. As adults, however, sleep disturbances plague us often, and these usually start when falling Asleep. "Approximately six percent of Germans suffer from an underlying sleep disorder, such as every third person has to sleep in a so-called fragile, asleep so, sometimes better, sometimes worse," says our sleep expert Dr. Hans Günter Blind. (Also read: expert tips: What you can do about sleep disorders?)

How can I sleep better?

The good news: you can do something against restless sleep, instantly! It is particularly important in a bedroom conducive to relaxation. And this is when, as in the case of most of us greatly: We often eat too late and too hard in the evening, to check constantly Mails and social networks, brooding about the day ahead, and often try to relax with a "beer" or wine. All of these things hinder us in mind, body, and spirit to shut down, and thus gradually to get to Sleep prepare. Try it instead, even with these expert tips:

tip 1 for better Sleep: Practice the Dispose of!

Even if it is many drops of hard for us – only if we leave in the evening, our daily tasks and worries behind us, we can really relax. So: do not set a fixed time from which you are to work and co. accessible and already about 2 hours before your regular sleep time. (Also interesting: how Much sleep you really need?)

If necessary, set the Smartphone and the Tablet with the devices mode from then on till the Morning in the "do Not disturb", this function is at all usual equipment available. Try to stop by relaxation techniques such as Meditation or gentle Yoga, and the Thoughts go round in circles and stay in the Moment.

tip 2 for better Sleep: Not in front of the TV to sleep!

This tip is Dr. Blind, especially on the heart. "The German sleep very often in front of the TV, this is very bad, because you don't reduce sleep pressure, relax with this "pre-Fuse conk out" in front of the TV but." Therefore, he advises to have in the bedroom, a TV stand, or take the Tablet to bed: "The bedroom should be a place of rest, you will sleep much better through and through." (Also read: Healthy sleep: The best tips from the experts)

tip 3 establish for better Sleep: Sleep-promoting rituals!

just like the bedtime stories or lullabies from the Childhood, a beautiful Ritual that you can try out for themselves new rituals. Because rituals give us security and helps you to Relax immensely. You can listen to, for example, quiet music, there is also on Youtube, or other Apps special Tracks with nature sounds such as birdsong, surf, or rain noises. However, the Smartphone is not recommended for Listening only, if you are coming in to temptation to check E-Mails and messages – otherwise, you prefer to use an Old School CD Player. (Beauty sleep: How often should we change our bed linen?)

you Create a suitable sleep atmosphere

Or you make every night before falling Asleep, a Cup of tea. What tea is good for Sleep? Everyone who tastes them, and no stimulating substances, the so-called Teeine, contains. Well, for example, teas of hops, Valerian, or lavender, Black and Green tea are due to the said Teeine less. (These food you should. before the Sleep food)

not go to A Central role for a better fall Asleep, the light plays Because it is only in the dark, our pineal gland produces the sleep hormone service and no nonsense. Steam, therefore, already in the evening, the light, adults can help in the bedroom, a light-phase clock, the light in the evening, by programming more and more decreases and increases in the morning, a specified Wake – up time slow to a natural sunset or sunrise are to be simulated. (Also read: What stages of sleep are actually?)

Help sleeping pills really work?

Who doesn't sleep, in spite of our tips better, can also try a limited time (not longer than a few weeks) with homeopathic and/or herbal sleep agents. These often contain Valerian, and Co hops, but to a significantly higher dose than, for example, teas. A real solution not this medication but, says the expert: "you might help to alleviate the symptoms a little, but in order to permanently better - and to be able to sleep through the night, you have to look at the causes of your sleep problems ran," he says. And if they succeed, then they will go to sleep again as easily as as a child – whether with or without Good night story. (Also read: 3 mistakes that (almost) Everyone when you Sleep)

How to sleep better at night? How to set up the ideal bedroom? The GQ sleep-Guide has the answers and also provides you with tips to combat sleep disorders.

This article was written by (Eva Stammberger)

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Date Of Update: 02 August 2020, 07:27

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