Ben Afflecks Trainer reveals: the Star got his Batman body and you can imitate

was not as Fit as Batman: Ben Afflecks diet and training Plan for the role as Gotham's avenger Ben Affleck is the first choice that came to mind, when it ca

Ben Afflecks Trainer reveals: the Star got his Batman body and you can imitate

was not as Fit as Batman: Ben Afflecks diet and training Plan for the role as Gotham's avenger

Ben Affleck is the first choice that came to mind, when it came time to find a new actor for Batman. He had already played Daredevil in the cinema, but the world saw it as more of those attractive, but not intimidating figure, which was perfect for dramas and thrillers, but not exactly action-hero Material.

With “Batman v Superman” has changed everything: Ben Affleck was desperate, unfaithful, frustrated husband in “Gone Girl,” to a Bruce Wayne, the imposing looked than the Rest (without the Batman suit, he was of the muscle mass is much more impressive than Christian Bale), and he had to be, with the man of steel record and emerged as the winner to go to. (Also interesting: these are the 3 iconic models worn by Bruce Wayne in the movies)

Ben Affleck: For the role as Batman, he had to train hard and not build them up

Affleck is the best Batman (the Christian Bale, and everything points to the fact that no one can ever beat), but he wanted to do everything, to step in the footsteps of its predecessors (even the bad, like George Clooney), and he had to get in the best shape of his life. (Also read: With these Exercises, you burn effective calories)

Batman: So pumped up for Ben Affleck after his Work-out and diet Routine


The actor did what everyone does who gets a Job as a super hero at Marvel or DC, he hired a coach (Walter Norton, Jr., with the he has been working together for “The Town” 2010), from the Institute of performance and Fitness and a nutrition expert, and he worked very hard to make the heavy suit he had to wear (and, allegedly, over 30 pounds weighed in), and punches, kicks and the switch-Off of Criminal convincing look.

All the actors who have played Batman, you had to first go to the Gym, but it seems that no one took this more seriously than Ben Affleck. (Read also: how many pushups should create men)


this diet was Ben Afflecks Batman

Rehan Jalali, a nutritionist and author of the Six-Pack diet plan, was for the construction of Ben Afflecks diet responsible, to transform his body into a Comic book hero. Jalali says that the diet of Affleck from 35% protein, 45% carbohydrates and 20% healthy essential fats stock.

Supposedly ate Affleck protein in the Form of oatmeal for Breakfast, salads of protein with two servings of Omelette for lunch (the idea was to take a thousand calories), usually chicken or fish and steamed vegetables for dinner. His carbs came from green leafy vegetables, brown rice or potatoes, and he took daily about 1,250 calories in carbohydrates, even though they were in the evening forbidden.

of Course there are some forbidden foods, but to define his six-pack, had to Affleck, especially of milk products, sodium, (he stayed on his salt intake, because it draws fluid) and sugar, to say goodbye. (Also read: starting to Train as the Marines quickly fat and muscles

build) This Work-out-Routine transformed Ben Affleck in the Batman

day 1 of the Batman-training:

Block 1 (32 minutes): Warm-up and movement

  • elliptical training (strength program): 15 minutes
  • Rumble Roller (roller, with the the muscles stretched and relaxed): 9 minutes
  • push-UPS with straight arms: 10 seconds (then 8 reps)
  • Spider-Man: You bring of a push from your right foot to the side of your right Hand. 3 repetitions for each side (2 breaths stop, long)
  • caterpillar: Touch your toes with straight legs, move your hands to a support, then put your feet back under you, 5 reps (1 breath, long pause)
  • calf stretch: 15 seconds (each leg)

Block 2 (40 minutes): the hull and power

  • Farmer's Walk with dumbbells: 4 passages à 1 Minute
  • Alternately hanging lateral knee 11 reps raise: (each leg)
  • Kneeling series: you kneel on the right knee in front of a cable machine, tearing the right Arm, 4 sets with 12 repetitions on each side
  • bridge: 2 reps with 15 seconds stop time
  • Reverse Butterfly with dumbbells: 8 reps (per side)
  • Pull-Ups: 6 series with 4 repetitions
  • shoulder bridge: a 10-second Stop (then 8 2-seconds-extension repetitions for each side)

Block 3 (22 minutes / make as many sentences as possible): strength and Fitness

  • Airdyne Bike Sprint: 20 seconds
  • V-handle Pulldown: 15 reps
  • Seated row: 12 reps
  • biceps Curls with dumbbells: 5 sets of 5 reps with each Arm, then 5 reps together
  • knee bend with dumbbell: 8 reps
  • Lateral squat: 6 reps (each side)

day 2 of the Batman-training:

Block 1 (30 minutes): warm-up and movement

  • Airdyne Bike Sprint: 10 reps of 5 minutes (closing with a 15 seconds Sprint, then 45 seconds of rest)
  • Soft roller for the upper back, sides, buttocks, legs: 8 minutes
  • Brettzel stretch: 2 reps for each side (5 breaths stop, long)
  • Lateral knee strain: 1 repetition on each side (5 breaths, hold, long)
  • ½ Kneeling stretching of the quadriceps: 2 repetitions for each side (5 breaths stop, long)
  • Brettzel: 2 repetitions for each side (5 breaths long pause)

Block 2 (32 minutes): The hull and power

  • Oblique lateral bench press: 8 dynamic repetitions with recovery for 8 seconds)
  • Valslide Body Slide: 4 sets of 12 reps
  • lateral Press with dumbbells: 4 series, 12 reps
  • Walking Bridge: 8 seconds 5 sets with 6 reps
  • Rear Delta machine: 4 series of 15 reps
  • one-legged Hüftlift: keep and 4 knee lifts on each leg
  • dumbbell shrug: you perform) 3 sets with 8 repetitions for each side
  • Tricep Pushdown: 4 sets of 10 reps, then 10 lighter reps

Block 3 (36 minutes): strength

  • the cross with a long 4 sets of dumbbells raise: 6 reps
  • dumbbell bench press: 4 sets with 10 reps
  • Machine Fly: 4 series, 12 reps
  • Ball-leg-Curl: 4 series of 6 repetitions

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