Back pain: What tension do for stress?

back pain due to Stress: How it happens and what helps you relieve the pain "that reminds me but a burden from the shoulders". In this sentence we use to E

Back pain: What tension do for stress?

back pain due to Stress: How it happens and what helps you relieve the pain

"that reminds me but a burden from the shoulders". In this sentence we use to Express our (literal) to facilitate, for example, if a Problem has been solved, it illustrates the connection of pain and Stress back impressively.

And this connection is no coincidence. Because it's in the genes, tension, Stress or anxiety to the back hook and the shoulders pull. (Also read: avoid Stress With these tips, s)

tension: A Reflex from time immemorial

In the dim and distant past works was this Reflex is often a matter of survival, because we protect our most sensitive neck instinctively – for example, before the attack of a predatory animal. This primitive Reflex we can show you today from a very young age: to Expect children to Anger by the parents, pull the head, we hear an unexpected noise, we cringe and do exactly the Same. It is thus quite naturally that we tense up, Stress the back.

back pain and headaches are common complaints for Stress

"To that stressed-out people work a lot, thus a lot of sitting and overall, a life style, the back pain and often associated with headache favors," says our Stress expert, Jacob dragon mountain. He adds: "in addition, these complaints may be triggered by the early warning system of our body – so he tells us, that to him, the current load (physically and mentally) is not good for you." Our back to Stress the same from several sides. And therefore, back and headaches as one of the most common complaints of the stressed people. (Also interesting: how to use Stress to improve their level of performance)

Like headache caused by Stress?

But such as headaches and Stress contexts is that a fact? Especially with tension . We in the shoulders and neck are fixed, a transfer of the right on the top of our head. He is less well perfused, the many small muscles in the Neck and face tense up, especially your jaw muscles, grinding on Stress even the middle of the night with the teeth. (Also read: expert tips: This is the best home remedy for headache)

What can you do about it?

"With acceptance and mindfulness , you can prevent the pain," said the dragon mountain. "That is to say, not against the pain fight, but accept it. Because, if we are angry about our pain, he will usually only get worse.“ Numerous studies with pain patients show that the pain subsides when you practice mindfulness, that is, when the attention from the pain is deflected away. To be mindful is a process that takes time. (Also interesting: mindfulness in the workplace: how to avoid effective Stress)

try it out: This Exercise helps!

But there are also Exercises that you can implement directly as easing the pain: Sit in your office chair upright, you make the back straight , both feet are on the floor. Now breathe in, shoulders so high as possible to the ears. Hold this Position for a few seconds and let the shoulders then fall back, exhale through the mouth. Repeat this movement five times.

This Exercise uses the phenomenon of the post isometric Relaxation. This means that an isometric tight muscle (due to the raised shoulders), according to the tension for a time, a lower base voltage and, therefore, can be less painful.

The Exercise can be very good in the (working)life, the medium and long term, you should back of but related to the causes of your stress and headache work.

The three most important building blocks for better stress management

"the Actual provides relief especially a change in lifestyle, that means less sitting, physical and mental balance and stress resistance to increase", the expert said. The three most important building blocks are a better stress management, so Jacob Drachenberg, food , Sport and sleep . Try eating healthier, find a balance sport that's fun for you and make sure you get enough sleep to reduce your stress level in a sustainable and therefore the associated pain.

small changes miracle

act The more small positive changes it is integrated into your daily life, the better: get up, for example every hour for a couple of minutes from your Desk, walk a few steps, and loosen your shoulders and neck muscles. This small change brings many people a whole lot. (Also interesting: 5 tips for healthier habits and more balance)

hair loss and Stress be related?

"Why is it in some people, stress-related to hair loss can come, is not scientifically explain exactly, it is believed, however, that the increased secretion of messenger substances such as the stress hormone norepinephrine ," says dragon's mountain and says: "These messengers can put on the hair follicles firmly, trigger inflammation, and so the growth phase of the hair is provisionally end – which then leads to hair loss." (Read also: hair loss: A healthy scalp

help) here, Too, it helps to reduce the cause, so the Stress, in a sustainable way. Our stress expert emphasized: "those Who fail to act will be treated!" This means that it is most reasonable and most effective is to take preventive measures and for sufficient physical and mental balance. So not, it usually comes back at all, or headaches, or hair loss due to Stress.

This article was written by (Eva Stammberger)

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Updated Date: 10 July 2020, 15:28

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