Avocado nuclear plants: How to grow an avocado plant itself

planting The leftover avocado core and a Houseplant to grow? It's real – and you don't need more than a container of water, toothpick and a little patience, y

Avocado nuclear plants: How to grow an avocado plant itself

planting The leftover avocado core and a Houseplant to grow? It's real – and you don't need more than a container of water, toothpick and a little patience, you are soon an Avocado houseplant in your four walls. And these can perhaps even bear fruit. Then the popular Superfood that we eat on our bread would be to make the we spreads and Guacamole, home-grown. What do you need, how to grow an avocado core properly, what to consider when planting and further care, we will explain here. (Why the Avocado is a perfect Superfood for athletes, you can find here. )

avocado nuclear plant and indoor plant grow

1. Avocado core

remove a ripe Avocado in half. Then take a knife or a spoon and remove the core from the fruit. Then remove the remnants of the green fruit that may have remained adhered to the body.

2. Brown shell

remove the brown shell that surrounds the core. They peel just be careful with your finger nails on it. If the Avocado is ripe, this should succeed without problems.

3. Toothpicks in the sides of the Avocado sting

Now you can see the fine lines that divide the avocado core, seemingly four. Take four toothpicks and put them on the four sides of the fruit. Make sure that you put this in the now recognizable lines. The toothpick will act as a support in the glass you will need for the next step.

4. Avocado core in the water

place you Take a glass, this should not be too long, and you fill it with fresh water. Remove the avocado core and place it with the toothpicks on the rim of the container you have chosen, so that the core half is in the water.

5. Avocado core in the water sprout strong>

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6. Avocado in the earth planting

The avocado plant holds it for a while in the water. A sign that it is now time, you is given to replant at the latest when the leaves are turning yellow, at the bottom or on the edges of the brown discoloration show. You take a slightly larger pot than the Plant really needs. Put there something earth. Depending on the size and nature of the roots, you can cover the pot about halfway with soil.

then, Hold the Plant with the roots in the pot. Then it is best to take a shovel and fill the core with the roots of the pot with soil, and in such a way that the core is about covered half. Press the soil around the Plant is now easily with the fingers down. You add some water so that the soil is slightly moistened. After that, pour the Plant in the best case, only after a week as it has gotten in the weeks before, already a lot of moisture.

7. Toothpicks

Now you can remove the toothpick carefully. A piece may, however, remain in the core, you can remove the wooden sticks and therefore only half, or cut it off.

What to look for when planting in the earth

you should pay attention to not too large glass or jar with water so that the roots are not so long that you can plant later difficulties in the roots without damage. You do not do this is best on a warm, Sunny day, the earth is so cold that the growth process is inhibited.

you don't water the Plant with ice cold water after you have planted. In addition, you should make sure to plant the core with the pointed side up in the ground and the flat side down. In addition, half of the core should look out of the earth.

How long will an Avocado Plant needs until it bears fruit?

Who is hoping for ripe Avocados from his room plant, you must have one thing: patience. Some may take years (about five to ten) to an Avocado plant in our room temperature fruit. Who hopes for the fruit of the Avocado Plant, you should fertilize the Plant every two to three weeks. However, the young plant requires no fertilizer, therefore it should start if only after about a month. For this, it is recommended to put on liquid fertilizer that you get when you pour to give. This, however, especially in the beginning, not too much. To the first Avocados on the plants, but can be considered as a houseplant – because even as such, it's doing well.

avocado tree as a houseplant

Who has implanted at the core of the primary, to grow a houseplant from it, it can cut back when the Plant grows too high. For this you simply take a pair of nail scissors and cut the end of the Plant with the upper leaves.

care tips for the avocado plant

place your avocado tree in a warm, Sunny location. If the Plant grows very high, but there are no leaves on it, this is mainly due to the fact that they get too little sun. Here, it makes sense, the Plant, to switch and to give the sunniest place in the apartment or in the house. Pour should the Plant regularly so the soil remains moist at all times! (Superfood Avocado – when the healthy fats of the fruit are a good choice and when not, explains our expert here. )

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