As the rider Sex position to discover completely new

the 6 tips that everyone should know in the cowgirl position time for Sex-Real-Talk. The other day I was asked to write about the popular love positions can

As the rider Sex position to discover completely new
the 6 tips that everyone should know in the cowgirl position

time for Sex-Real-Talk. The other day I was asked to write about the popular love positions can optimize. Because we all know: if momma's house, to taste cooked Spaghetti Bolo is still excellent, and makes the tattooed Italian from the In-Pizzeria with fresh herbs, bacon rind and Pecorino just a trace of hearty and exciting.

this is how it goes with the usual sexual positions: they are Horny, as tried, tested and familiar, but with the time a little bland become. So, I thought to myself: I see me in all times and consider how missionary position, 69 and co. can upgrade. We begin with the cowgirl position.

Always re-reads and one hears that the Position of the top of the seat ends of the Cowgirls is THE Position for women. Including MEGA-orgasm guarantee! Because, it is said, by the Bank: SHE has control in this Position, the full control (the intensity of the impact, depth, Tempo), and so can your desire.

For many women, the Sex position is not popular

just Stupid, if you prefer the kind of Sex where you can give up control for once. For many women, we are too cerebral eh often much, anyway a challenge. And now I want to control, control, point the way? No, thank you.

Let the usual women's magazine-talk fool you: Many women hate the riding position. Not only because of the thing with the control. Two other points lead to the ruin of some of us the pleasure of horse-riding: First, the Hüftlahmheit would be there. Which brings me to the first Upgrade.

tip 1: What type of Rider is sitting on them? Or: The Jump-Out Of The Question.

Seriously, I'm a) a little stiff in the hips and b) lazy. And I Sit about rarely fancy Up. I prefer to criss-cross through the room to chase me when Hoppe-hoppe-Reiter-grinding Play. And if I circles me Friends and Readers, so talk, I'm not the Only one that feels that way.

Also interesting: Sex with a small Penis: These positions are best suited for you.

My first tip for more fun during Sex-ride is therefore: Find out if your partner is an active Cowgirl with heart and soul – or the opposite. So I. The latter is the case, there is no reason to Despair. You take over while your dream woman sitting on you and you encounter it in the seventh Sex-heaven. Keep your hips firmly, and you are conducting, if necessary, the feels for some lady very sexy. You can vary your Position by small movements and at the same time drop. And you benefit by the way, from the sight of you.

tip 2: "Your Boobs look from down here, so Horny!" – The Encouragement.

we Come to the second issue, the many a woman has with the rider position: the optics. Because this is the position of our supposed flaws for the good are all visible: bacon rolls, a feel-good belly, hanging Breasts. And all shaky.

now you may be thinking: "But THAT's just Horny!" Jaha, for you. Not but for a woman who quarrels with her body, because the media and others give her for decades, too thick, too soft, errors.

My second tip is therefore to Give you to be make her feel sought after. Tell her how beautiful she is, that you love how your Breasts bounce when she rides. Don't hold back your enthusiasm. The is you plug-in is guaranteed, and the uncertainty take.

tip 3: easy trot instead of a gallop Down from the Sex Gas

to bounce A tip for even better feelings, Instead of up and down, it can make your pelvis circles, so they can penetrate deeper. Without the hustle and bustle and relish. Mjam mjam.

Speaking of enjoyment: The rider's position also works in Slow Motion. So the lady can make your Penis almost completely out of the slide, to sit down again and then veeery slowly with it. If you repeat this a few times and look each other deeply in the eyes, is the Sex-magic.

not your partner's by themselves on these tricks, give her a playful instructions: "Ride me slow" or "I want to see how you push him in."

tip 4: Crouching instead of Hopping

A sexy variant of the tuck tab is. Your partner kneels so, while it takes on you, but in the squat. This is not particularly convenient and rapid transport unsuitable (the lady may possibly rockers and not really hard to bounce), but you may enjoy in this Position, unrestrained by the open view on her Vagina.

tip 5: Cowgirl from behind

both sexy: Reverse Cowgirl, a modification of the tab position, where the woman runs around on your Partner sets – so that it has the best view of her jiggling Butt. If it is for your Sweetheart okay (and only then), you can slide the buttocks of the Beautiful spread and in addition a Finger in the Booty. This can inflame the Whole thing again really.

tip 6: Close in place Horny

If it is not in the number only to quick satisfaction, but the woman really means to you something, here is the ultimate tip in order to make them addicted to Sex with you: If she sits on you, pull you in close, so that you torso to torso on each other. Keep the lady during the act firmly pressed and you whisper in her little obscenities into his ear.

Enjoy the ride.

Mimi Sex columnist for GQ, and is Erhardt. Here you can learn more about the author.

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