Alternatively, therapy, chiropractic treatment can back pain without SURGERY relieve

Who listens to chiropractic care, the first thing you think is equal to the Crack of a joint, so the noise produced during Straightening. However, this signific

Alternatively, therapy, chiropractic treatment can back pain without SURGERY relieve

Who listens to chiropractic care, the first thing you think is equal to the Crack of a joint, so the noise produced during Straightening. However, this significant Adjustment is only a fraction of the various treatments, "which represent the overall concept of chiropractic. The Adjustment is very impressive, but it is not the first action when you come into the practice,“ explains Timo Kaschel, President of the German chiropractors Association (DCG).

in addition, in Germany, there are other associations, such as the German-American society of chiropractic (DAGC). The training includes a full-time master's degree (chiropractor) or a professional companion in the Form of seminars (chiropractor). Both names are so common. Most naturopaths and Doctors make this type of training.

belonging To the chiropractic treatment:
  • Detailed medical history with review of personal results and image material of the patient (for example, x-ray images)
  • Goal-oriented to the suspected diagnosis of a view and palpation, gait analysis, ranges of Motion, reflex testing, strength tests
  • Then: treatment plan Consent and treatment
treatment in chiropractic care, especially manually

to perform For the treatment of a chiropractor or chiropractor sets, especially Hand – hence the name chiropractic, from the Greek word cheiro-for-Hand. "In chiropractic, there are over 100 different technology system that you can use," explains Kaschel. The classical measures are to fix mechanical problems in the musculoskeletal system, therefore, to solve, especially Joint locks. These include:

1. Joint treatment, for example, by Adjusting (Adjust, put back in place), mobilization, fast and precise stretching of the joint capsule.

2. Treatment of the muscles, such as the trigger points, and active relaxation techniques, and instructions for appropriate gymnastic Exercises, which the Patient at home regularly. "The goal is not to treat the patient again and again, but teach them how to be self-active," explains Kaschel.

in Addition, special devices to support the manual work of the therapist. Some of the so-called activator, the adjusted on a mild way, in one direction or the Arthrostim, the effect of vibration on joints and nerves.

Important difference: complaints by months of Tension or acute Problem

The art is to estimate which System is the driver for the complaints, explains the chiropractor more. "If someone for 20 years, has a Strain, I can't go in the first session in the area of the spine to the blocked vertebrae." Then, the therapist moves slowly from the periphery, about the hands, over the arms to the appropriate section of the spine before it goes to the blocked vertebrae.

Otherwise, the procedure in case of acute complaints, the have used of a sudden. So had blocked in the case of a professional musician, at noon, a neck vertebra, in the evening, treated Timo Kaschel were fixed to the violin player by adjustment two days later and the complaints to 80 percent.

Adjust does not in fact mean that the Mechanics of the joint, agrees to immediately and permanently in the back. Usually, several treatments are necessary, because the same, familiar attitudes are taken, and thus the stability is compromised. That is why it is so important to ensure that movement and, in addition, the therapist recommended Exercises on a regular basis.

Impressive Cracking of the joints when you Adjust the

anyone Who has not yet experienced a chiropractic treatment, says most of the time, the Adjust is associated with pain. "If it is properly run, not hurts it," reassured, the chiropractor but. The handler must, of course, really know what he's doing: The joint must be preloaded, and in the moment in which the Patient can loose the pulse.

The effect is spectacular, especially the sound. This is a typical Crack is caused not by each other grinding joint surfaces, but probably due to gas bubbles formed during the pulling apart of the joint and then burst. "Therefore, the Crack in the same joint cannot be immediately re-produce", the expert explains in more detail.

it is Important, however, to reduce the overall concept of chiropractic to this effect, that would be the same as you would argue, Doctors would be only injection, he compares. At least as important is that the Patient through appropriate Exercises is given the success of the treatment permanently.

The most important indications and contraindications

chiropractic has pain their main area in the back, but also neck pain, shoulder problems and headaches. In General, the treatment is well tolerated without a problem. However, it is not suitable for every patient. "Here it is, the art of the practitioner, to find out," says Timo Kaschel, and reports on two such cases in his practice: A rheumatic patient, in the first of them had detached from the second cervical vertebra. He sent you to a clinic and was promptly in surgery (cervical vertebrae wired). The other case was a man with thoracic spine pain and "strange" rash on the belly that was, in reality, Zoster. Also these patients the therapist is not treated, and recommended him to a doctor.

The risks of chiropractic – can wear out joints as a result?

"no," reassured Kauschel. Because when you Adjust the joints in your physiological determination area do not stay on the anatomical Limit of the practitioner's. Everyday forces, so the stress, the Jumping about in Frolic with the children, when, on the joints, but are much higher than those that occur with chiropractic care.

treatment of the cervical spine and stroke risk

Often, however, brought a much higher risk in conjunction with chiropractic care: stroke after adjustment of a neck vertebra, because a vessel in the area of the cervical spine was affected. There are conflicting studies: Previous studies had given evidence. Recent studies no correlation is seen.

"to date There is no direct anatomical or pathological plausible evidence that chiropractic to the neck artery, a spine can be damaged," says Kaschel. Temporal relationships there, but these, even in the case that the Patient was in the week before elsewhere.

Why was the event of a stroke, he explains that the patients were affected previously. "You come into practice and reports that they have neck pain and vision problems," says the chiropractor. As with any other patient, it was therefore important to properly diagnose and treat immediately. "If there is a suspicion, here's a mechanical Problem, but rather something else, I'll send the patient to the appropriate medical specialist."

chiropractic care can be effective, but often there was no Fund performance

How effective the method is, however, really? The relief of pain to the point of complete freedom of symptoms – the results of this treatment are frequent. Various studies reveal, most recently, a meta-analysis pain from 26 randomized clinical trials on the topic of chiropractic care against lower back. Mainly of the authors ' positive effects were recorded as less pain. Serious side effects were not listed.

other studies that come to positive results, such as the SMT (Spinal manipulative Therapy), but also chiropractors exercised Form of treatment.

However, many health insurance companies in Germany, the cost. With the exception of the private funds and a few legal, or if it is a doctor with the additional title of chiropractic. The initial appointment costs around 90 Euro, the follow-up appointments, a good half.

pain relievers to saving and less to operate

chiropractic care, from a skilled and well-trained therapists to run, could ultimately reduce drug consumption, because less pain medication be taken. "Also OPs could often be avoided through chiropractic care plus the own movement exercises," says the expert. As we know, is operating in Germany very, very often on the back, within the last ten years has doubled the number of procedures fast – what with the much strained Argument of demographic change, explain.

As a reasonable course of action to avoid needless OPs in the back area, recommends the expert, levels of escalation to be observed. The means is not equal to the strongest weapons, but to start slowly: For back pain that means that only self-active will, then the conservative methods and chiropractic exploit, so methods such as in the case of a rehabilitation, but as a "Prähabilitation". Only if these measures are of no use, the Operation. But often you might not be after this Prähabilitation necessary. Tourists not paying attention: Pay for your trip just with PayPal or credit card! FOCUS Online tourists not paying attention: Pay for your trip just with PayPal or credit card!

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