Aldi, Lidl, Rewe supplies: what are the products, the Tönnies meat is

experts disagree as to what is the risk of infection of the Tönnies meat runs out. "According to the current state of knowledge, the eating of the flesh of Tön

Aldi, Lidl, Rewe supplies: what are the products, the Tönnies meat is

experts disagree as to what is the risk of infection of the Tönnies meat runs out. "According to the current state of knowledge, the eating of the flesh of Tönnies is Operated in Rheda-Wiedenbrück safe," said Sabine Klein, a nutritionist at the consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia and responsible for the subject of meat, the West German General newspaper (WAZ).

"The meat of a fire is dangerous"

Prof. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow, chief of the hygiene Institute in Berlin, expresses, however, to the Bild newspaper, a clear warning to the flesh: "The flesh is not a fire hazard. If it was not heated strongly, you can't use it.” And more: "You can't now abverkaufen the current production, otherwise a correct virus wave over the Land is yet time."

But the super-spreading Events in the German slaughter on farms currently cover a more dark side of the meat industry. Not only do the animals have to live under painful circumstances, and die, also the people that work in companies such as Western meat or Tönnies, are exposed to appalling conditions.

The market for cheap meat is huge

Mostly guest workers from Eastern Europe are employed through various contractors in the meat factories. Housed accommodation often in close Collection.

the reason is that The market for cheap meat is huge. The Problem is that often customers are not able to understand where the meat comes in the products you have purchased at all.

Daily 850 tonnes of meat

The group, according to the production covers seven core areas. Alone in the area of Fresh and frozen goods, daily 850 tons of meat are processed. A particularly high share of the market toennies in the field of pig meat, with 30.3 percent, which corresponded to 2019, approximately 16.7 million pig slaughterings has.

another consumer-related area, the Convenience products. The products are distributed under the brand name of Tillman’s. The production of sausages is another core area of the group. Additionally, slaughterhouse waste to companies from the pharmaceutical, food and feed industry sold.

Thus, meat scraps from Rheda can-Wiedenbrück in drugs, in sweets, in the Form of gelatin, and animal feed. Also cosmetic products such as toothpaste or fabric softener often contain slaughterhouse waste.

An Overview of the brands in which the meat of Tönnies's:

1. Fresh and frozen meat:

Tönnies, many supermarkets and discount stores it supplies with daily 750 tons of fresh meat, and 100 tons of TK-Convenience products. Including Aldi, Lidl and Rewe. In the case of Lidl and Aldi, the Tönnies-products are under the brand name of "land Junker" and "My butcher" in the refrigerated section.

A further possibility to detect products of a certain meat operation, provides the identification signs, which must be printed in an oval-shaped circle on all animal products. On the Homepage of the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety, the lists of the marks of the authorised animal products are published.

research by the consumer Association of NRW according to three features that lead to products from the Tönnies group: NW 20202 EC, NW 20028 EC, NW 20045 EG, how Small the WAZ reported.

The abbreviation NW the state in which the product was manufactured, in this case North Rhine-Westphalia referred to. The abbreviation EC stands for the European Union.

you can Buy meat in bulk at the butcher's, no identification number printed on the goods is of course. In addition, butchers are not obliged to inform their customers about the origin of the products sold by them.

don't Want to answer the butcher's Demands, there may be strong on an inferior origin, from a mass operation.

2. Convenience products:

Because of the Convenience products from the Tönnies-operation can be marketed under the brand name of Tillman’s, you will find it easier to see. In the supermarket they are available in the Refrigerated counter.

To include the range of Tillman’s the Toastys, the scavenger company, Tillman's XXL Schnitzel, various castle products, sausage specialities, as well as Tillman's quality butcher shop, for example.

3. Sausage brands:

Of Tönnies produced sausage products are sold under the brand names of the mills”group. To belong to the group a variety of sausage brands:

  • Böklunder
  • Gutfried
  • Zimbo
  • Hareico
  • Marten
  • Lutz
  • Weimar
  • a New
  • Astro
  • Redlefsen
  • Schulte
  • Könecke
  • Jensen’s
  • Heine’s
  • Zerbster Original
  • Plumrose
  • Naumburg
  • Wilx
  • Vevia
4. Gastronomy and bulk consumers:

About the Tönnies Foodservice, the group supplies a range of catering facilities and large-scale consumers. To the offer, the brands Artland and IQF.

5. The price:

Whether of Tönnies, Westfleisch, or other meat factory: cheap meat is not called cheap meat. A low price for the meat products of any kind is always an indication of the origin of the product from the mass operated. How much more expensive meat would have to be specifically in order to allow fair working conditions and animal husbandry practices and slaughter, cannot be estimated precisely.

As a rough can serve the prices of high-quality organic meat, although not every so-called "Bio-meat" lives up to its name reference point. Often the animals are given only organic feed, to the other terms and conditions, nothing will change, however, to little. These animals end up in the same slaughterhouse as the animals from conventional farming.

When you purchase on the Label pay attention

Who wants to go, should be rewarded with Labels like "DLG" or the new "animal welfare label" ignore it and, instead, to the certified organic Labels. The Labels of Demeter, naturland and Bioland include, for example,. The requirements of the EU Bio-seals are less high, than these three.

For the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil, not increase the price of the desired improvements in working conditions in the meat industry, the prices for the consumer, automatically: "Finally, many people make money in this billion dollar industry with the construct of sub-contractors a fortune on the backs of employees."

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