A urologist explains why most of the treat a bladder infection wrong

A Drag and Burning during urination and the constant feeling of"", even though the bladder is empty. Women and cystitis – this is an eternal theme. And theref

A urologist explains why most of the treat a bladder infection wrong

A Drag and Burning during urination and the constant feeling of"", even though the bladder is empty. Women and cystitis – this is an eternal theme. And therefore the questions: How do I treat a cystitis right? And what can I do to make her come every few months?

most women and many Doctors consider an antibiotic therapy for the fastest and the only effective approach against acute urinary tract infections. Quickly antibiotics work actually. The only useful drugs you are not but a long time ago.

In the case of bladder inflammation: Ibuprofen instead of antibiotics

"antibiotics must not be always," says Daniela Schultz-Lampel from the Schwarzwald-Baar Klinikum in Villingen-Schwenningen. The Urologist is Director of the continence center southwest. "In uncomplicated urinary tract infections has been proven, for example, a therapy with Ibuprofen. It has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.“

An Alternative to antibiotics is especially for those patients is important, in which the annoying and painful urinary tract infections always come back. For at least every fourth woman, a cystitis is not a single event.

is Not equal to the doctor, first of all, heat and plenty of

drink For a quick visit to the doctor because of a urinary tract infection urology-Professor advises, if the bladder pain occur for the first time, if the complaints are severe, or if blood is in the urine. A bladder infection frequently returns again, should be identified in the shutter by means of a laboratory examination of the urine, to begin with, where appropriate, targeted therapy. In most cases, the question of the doctor's visit only after two, three days without a big change or even a worsening of symptoms.

At the first unpleasant Pull in the lower abdomen a hot water bottle may relax on the abdomen, the bladder muscles and pain reduce. Also, a warm sitz bath serves for this purpose.

Who drink also aware of a lot, has a good chance to flush the bacteria from the bladder before they can reproduce. The Urologist Schultz-Lampel finds special bubbles or Nierentees based on herbs: "you disinfect the urine that collects in the bladder."

Scientific evidence, were it not for this, however, as Guido Schmiemann was in a "world"Interview. The General practitioners had been involved in the current treatment guidelines for urinary tract infections. Also tap water to fulfill the purpose of filling the bladder rapidly and abundantly, and to flush the bacteria down the toilet.

Herbal potential against inflammation, use

Herbal supplements can act in the beginning, with a slight gradient, and for the prevention of cystitis. These include:

  • draining nettle
  • diuretic goldenrod herb
  • anti-bacterial bearberry leaves
  • anti-septic mustard oils

The Coroner Schultz-Lampel is done by combination products, there are over-the-counter in the pharmacy. The funds rely on herbs and plant materials that women knew how to help, long before there were pharmaceutical providers.

It is very individual how well the body respond to the plant-based active ingredients, says the Urologist. Therefore, Cranberry products are often effective to relieve discomfort or a bladder infection prevent. The studies of some years ago is still highly acclaimed cranberries, however, are contradictory.

If the condition after two, three days are more likely to increase instead of better, it is likely that an antibiotic is needed, that must be exactly according to the instructions taken. Commonly prescribed agents Fosfomycin or Nitrofurantoin, for example. They have so far proven to be stable against resistance.

long-term antibiotics for "Honeymoon cystitis"

the Latter is, according to Schultz-Lampel also as a long-term antibiotic. "A low-dose administration of Nitrofurantoin for three, better six months, is administered." The active ingredient is particularly well tolerated and have the great advantage that it does not interfere with the intestinal flora, explains the Urologist. If women suffer again and again bladder infections through sexual intercourse, could you take the antibiotic as a single dose quasi in the sense of a "morning-after pill" for the prevention of infections.

"After antibiotic treatment, the women should move on to the non-antibiotic prophylaxis," she advises. "The can be the herbal remedies against urinary tract infections or Mannose, a bacteria-binding sugar."

For women, the inflammation of the after menopause prone to bubbles, can also act, a local Estrogen replacement as a preventive measure.

beware of a renal pelvis inflammation of the

Less effective than hoped SIP of vaccinations with Bacterial components. The Urologist Schultz-Lampel says: "The protection extends only on some E. coli strains. This is well worth the effort and the cost hardly.“

A simple cystitis wane after about a week without any treatment. If the pain spread, however, in the kidney area and fever comes, it threatens a kidney inflammation. Then it goes on without the doctor and without antibiotics.

Female anatomy favors bladder infections

the trigger for a bladder infection in 80 percent of cases, bacteria from the intestines, Escherichia coli (E. coli) were deported mainly. And it is mainly due to the female anatomy, that the pathogens enter so easily into the bladder: bladder entrance, and After the close together and the urethra is much shorter than the man.

other all-female factors contribute to a bladder infection:

  • In Pregnant women of influence expands under the hormonal the urethra. Bacteria can now penetrate easier and to the bladder for Hiking.
  • Prone to women after the menopause, when estrogen deficiency not only of the mucous membrane of the Vagina, but also of the bladder, skin is thinner and more sensitive.
  • Frequent intercourse can cause the infection. There is the term "Honeymoon cystitis". Then germs can irritate the vagina, the bladder mucosa so strong that it ignites.

"You do not speak in vain of urogynaecology," says Schultz-Lampel to the female-specific sensitivity. In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the

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