5 facts about Botox that you did not know

the memories of The horror pictures of Hollywood Stars with a lot to a lot of Botox are most of us even present a Lot of to plump lips, sprayed cheeks, to the

5 facts about Botox that you did not know

the memories of The horror pictures of Hollywood Stars with a lot to a lot of Botox are most of us even present a Lot of to plump lips, sprayed cheeks, to the top of their eyebrows like Mr. Spock. “15 years ago there was in the aesthetic medicine often an Overdose, when it came to Botox ,” says dermatologist Dr. Christian Merkel from the skin and laser center at the Opera in Munich. “The images shown were often not even the result of Botox, but fillers.” (As you can with fillers male can look like, read here)

What Botox can really do? not to let

you no longer groping in the dark, here are the five most important facts about Botox and clean at the same time with the myths and dangerous half-knowledge about the drug . To clarify first: If you decide to test Botox – it can only work in so-called mimic wrinkles , so the wrinkles have been anchored by our facial Expressions over the decades in the face. In the case of static wrinkles Botox is useless.

Botox-Fact #1: Botox is not a snake won

botulinum toxin poison first sounds dangerous, and the extension toxin to poison. But: botulinum toxin is a synthetic manufactured fuel. Originally Botox is a poison "Sausage" and was created mainly in sausage cans that have been stored for a long time. “There is disease Botolismus, which is triggered by a bacterium that can form in old tin cans,” explains Dr. Christian Merkel. “The muscles are then paralyzed and can't breathe.” From this bacterial strain Botox is won, but of course in the laboratory. (Botox for the scrotum? Click here to read more)

Botox-Fact #2: Even babies Botox

That Botox muscles to paralyze can get, of course, has a positive side. For example, there are babies who struggle with spasms, and is then treated with Botox to relieve the cramping. “If a Baby is treated with botulinum toxin , it gets a higher dosage than in the Aesthetics for a whole face will be used", explains the expert. “A lot of people always have the fear that Botox can paralyze the entire body, but not with these mini-doses paint, which are not absorbed systemically.”

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Botox-Fact #3: Botox helps for headaches, for tooth pain

Botox may come more than just in the aesthetic medicine used to. This is an area where it is just for adults, a great relief can be, is the masticatory muscles. “Botox is used very successfully when people are gnashing at night with the teeth,” says Dr. Merkel. “So you don't need mouth guard and more, and crunches for six months, not more – as long as the effects of a Botox treatment ." Similar successes could also be used for migraine patients recorded.

And even with heavy sweating can Botox the solution – the active substance is then injected directly under the armpits. “The cost of materials, in this case, however, is very high, therefore, it is also expensive, you have to expect, with 600 to 700 euros.” For that, you can wear then, but throughout the summer, bright blue shirts. (More Outfit tips in the heat in the Office, you can read here)

Botox-Fact #4: A life-threatening Overdose, it costs about 20,000 euros.

The danger, his body with Botox to “poison” has set many in the heads. “In the first Botox was a Try the dosage to many times higher than we do nowadays. Accordingly, terribly, the results were at the start of this Hollywood-Rigid,” says the expert. And Yes, it could be someone with a Botox to kill: “subject to the material costs, but in the case of over 22,000 euros. Since 200 Aspirin are much cheaper.”

Possible side effects of Botox treatment , however, are blue stains, or that the target muscle is not taken. “Then there may be a hanging eye or the eyebrow goes up and a Spock-like look.”

Botox-Fact #5: the future of Botox made of

Currently, looks looks Botox a maximum of six months in the body and only after three to seven days, an effect is seen. But this could change soon. “Currently, it is manufactured in Germany only botulinum toxin A , soon there will be botulinum toxin E . The has a different pharmacological effect – it acts in just 24 hours, and only for four weeks instead of six months,” says Dr. Merkel. This so-called “Party Botox” is changing the way in which Botox well again.

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