2. Corona-shaft cushion: school closures are very effective, but the very last Option

the importance of Hygiene, the Coronavirus and the dissemination of curb, politicians, doctors and scientists were already a few months ago agreed. However, as

2. Corona-shaft cushion: school closures are very effective, but the very last Option

the importance of Hygiene, the Coronavirus and the dissemination of curb, politicians, doctors and scientists were already a few months ago agreed. However, as to the enforcement of a mask of duty, to school closings and the cancellation of events closing went, there was soon disagreement. This was also reflected in the implementation of various Corona-measures.

to create this disunity from the world, analyzed by a statistician Peter Klimek, the effectiveness of various Corona-measures from 76 regions of the world and put together with a team of researchers from the Medical University of Vienna and the Vienna Complexity Science Hub, a Ranking. About the experts

a statistician Peter Klimek works at the Vienna research center for Complexity Science Hub. There, he specialized in statistical methods in the area of Big Data, uses methods from network analysis, statistical Mechanics, complex data analysis and various simulation and modeling approaches. Klimek also teaches as a Professor at the University of Vienna.

FOCUS Online : Mr. Klimek, the measure which was most according to their calculations, the effectively?

Peter Klimek: The measure, which has achieved the greatest successes, was the closure of establishments in which people in small groups meeting each other – so shops, Restaurants, workplaces and most of all: schools.

school in addition to closures so long hesitate how to do it

FOCUS Online Is to prevent a second wave would have to be closed all of these facilities again? After all, some schools have opened after the summer vacation again, or have the in the coming weeks.

Klimek: , it would certainly be most effective, this measure, I would refer to as a "nuclear Option" of the pandemic response. To close schools again, the last measure that should be taken and we should hesitate so long as it is. Instead, we can send in the second wave with other, less drastic, but still effective measures to combat it. csh The research team led by Peter Klimek created a Ranking of the most effective measures.

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FOCUS Online Which are?

Klimek: An important point is the strengthening of the health system. We need measures such as early isolation of suspected cases, as well as a separation of Covid-19-patients from other. Also travel restrictions and border closures are highly effective.

it is Important: Alone, no measure is sufficient, and the infection is done simply to complex, to many life areas. Instead, we need to combine rules and regulations necessary and each Situation individually.

The perfect package of measures that one can always pull out of the hat, I can't call you – it always depends on how the infection happened at a certain place is.

measures individually

FOCUS Online The impose is to say, on measures to be taken should be decided in case of danger of a second wave individually?

Klimek : exactly. In the first wave, since a Hammer was used. You just tried to use on the infection curve it forcibly, you will flatten out with very many different and not necessarily coordinated measures.

Now we must try instead to fight the infection with a scalpel. That is, not fundamentally measures impose – but rather where they are needed. And as early as possible. Thus, it can be used to prevent infections of the coat of arms to the neighboring regions overlap, and then perhaps more and more people are affected by tougher measures as necessary.

FOCUS Online : there Was among the measures analyzed, also, their effectiveness has surprised you?

Klimek: What I didn't count on, is the importance of communication. In crisis speeches, an enormous broad effect, such as through Television or websites. It is thanks to her that people are educated about the infection happen and important measures. That managers get the information at Hand to explain about your company to certain rules and implement them.

In the second step, the risk communication ensures that people will change their behavior in fact, and about Hygiene - and-distance rules.

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communication is important

FOCUS Online : there Were national differences, have made certain countries better than others? And how did Germany?

Klimek: Explicit differences from country to country, we determined in the study. What we see, however, that there was between different cultural strong deviations. In Asia, where the Wearing of masks has long been cultivated, these were worn at the beginning of the pandemic, on a voluntary basis.

In Europe, however, has taken it a bit, initially there were disagreements between the experts, in Germany, for example, the Robert-Koch-Institute and the WHO had changed their mind in the meantime.

Here is a mask duty was ultimately necessary – that too is communication. And also it has shown to have an effect of course – but not so large as in the countries that have advocated the Wearing of masks already, and in which the people did this voluntarily and out of Conviction.

people must be Assumed to be aware of the risk to be

FOCUS Online , the second wave is actually – what would be a successful risk communication?

Klimek: it is Important that people are aware of the risk of certain things are connected. This includes, for example, to open Restaurants and schools, but also our own behavior. This must be clearly communicated. More to the Coronavirus coronavirus infection: 4 factors to decide whether there are too many aerosols in space to fly in Corona, times - shows how high the risk of Infection is really "Corona-weather report": researchers can now predict where infection cluster arise as a Professor, explains that 2. Lockdown survives Germany only under three conditions. Full recovery not sure: Corona-patients suffer for weeks after the infection, and risk of hypertension: the heart,-explained the Professor, for whom the Corona-risk

For example, the data also show that measures relating to public transport were ineffective. This, in my opinion, is not necessarily due to the fact that people can be infected for less – but the fact that here is a much higher risk of awareness.

the mask of duty, was relatively early introduced. The people so it was very early on aware of the fact that the place is a high-risk – certainly more than in the Bar with friends.

And this awareness should be taught in school, for example with the 1x1 of the pandemic-prevention: Hygiene and distance. Massive Explosion dozens injured, army, Beirut, shake - in the use of FOCUS Online/Wochit Massive Explosion dozens injured, army, Beirut, shake - in use

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