Spahn commented on the planned return of the football Fans in the stadiums

the the Corona-crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online < / strong> Multiple vacation destinations including: These countries are now Corona-risk areas

 Spahn commented on the planned return of the football Fans in the stadiums
  • the Corona-crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online < / strong>
  • Multiple vacation destinations including: These countries are now Corona-risk areas

11.41 PM: Also expresses Spahn to the planned return of the football Fans in the stadiums themselves. The concept of the DFL is very good and in many Places a model. But, and here he uses a soccer-phrase, deck the truth on the court, so Spahn. It must be guaranteed that the concept will be implemented in every stadium. Also should be taken into account that the test capacities are not used to bring football fans back to the stadium. The capacities were there, but would be needed for other things.

11.39 PM: , A Reporter asks why the test is mandatory for returnees from areas of risk is before. Spahn emphasized that since the first day rules for dealing with risk areas, such as the two-week mandatory Quarantine. For him, a duty at the right time to come, because of the many risk travel areas anyway even restrictions give.

11.33 PM: Spahn criticized that in some places, where he would really want, no mask will be worn, and he can feel a kind of carelessness. In return, such as the Bicycle rider who rides in the morning, alone with a mask to work would make little difference, because the risk is more or less zero.

11.28 PM: , A Reporter asks if Spahn can see the schools on the school start preparing. Corresponding concepts had been drawn up, explained Spahn. These concepts are convincing. From Spahns Conviction, it is very important that children have contact to other children. In addition, schools would also provide for equal opportunities, which is why it is important that the lessons can start again, so Spahn. The advantage was that each state start at a different time again.

11.26 am: the Tests for those returning from travel, the citizens need to have not pay for themselves, stresses Spahn.

11.21 PM: Around 0.8 to 1 percent of the test results from the domestic market were positive, explained Spahn. In the case of returnees from abroad, the value of which is in one-to-two, depending on the airport, even two, per cent.

11.18 PM: Despite all the warnings from infected people returning from the holiday Spahn emphasized that the majority of the infections come from the domestic market, particularly on larger events. In addition, a journalist asks why, just a simple test obligation, whereby a second to be precise. Spahn says that this could be requested by the Offices. Some of the länder had this arranged already.

11.13 PM: Of a journalist when asked about Spahn says, the Federal government will invest in the next few years, four billion euros in the municipal health services.

11: 11 PM: , A Reporter asks what measures Spahn consider, if the Numbers continue to rise in such a way. In such a case, we must determine, then, what kind of events could still take place, so Spahn. This is, in particular, celebrations and religious events such as Church attendance. The re-Closing of shops Spahn does not currently.

11.08 PM: the Statement of the Minister ends, now questions from the journalists will be answered.

11.05 PM: Currently, the feeling spread, so far, everything was not so bad, says Spahn. The sun also to the measures. Masks and other precautions are a comparable small restriction, the Minister said. "We give more to each other Eight," calls for Spahn. "The Virus takes no account of the fact that we are sometimes annoyed."

Spahn: From Saturday test duty for returnees from high-risk areas

11.03 PM: is Particularly high the infection be areas of risk in the so-called risk, Spahn. Therefore, he had arranged that in the case of a return from such an area, a test obligation, so Spahn.

11.00 a.m.: The press conference begins. Spahn will start his Statement, as expected, with the Figures of the Robert-Koch-Instistuts. "The pandemic is not yet over," said the Minister. Is also the danger that returnees bring the Virus back, is real, according to the Minister. Spahn stresses that the Tests for returnees are free of charge and will remain. "The question of the Tests may not be used for the social question," says Spahn. "The opinion, 'Who can afford the vacation, you can also pay for the Test, I think, for populist."

10.51 PM: Welcome to the live Ticker of FOCUS Online. The Robert Koch Institute reports the highest level of new infections for the past three months: more Than 1000 cases were registered with 0 o'clock in the Offices. Want to comment on the Federal health Minister Jens Spahn for the infection to happen.

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