Tristan Thompson's Lawsuit Against Woman Claiming He Fathered her Child Dismissed in Texas

Tristan Thompson won't have the opportunity to refute Maralee Nichols paternity claims in Texas.

Tristan Thompson's Lawsuit Against Woman Claiming He Fathered her Child Dismissed in Texas

A Texas judge dismissed a parallel paternity suit that Nichols, a Sacramento Kings player, had filed against her. Nichols made a new statement, stating that "the case Tristan brought against my was dismissed on December. 15."

The paternity lawsuit Nichols filed against Thompson in Los Angeles is still pending. The NBA player is being sued by her for child support and pregnancy-related fees.

PEOPLE did not receive a response from Thompson's attorneys immediately.

Thompson has denied Thompson's paternity to the child, who was born Dec. 1.

The Texas dismissal of Thompson's lawsuit means that the paternity case in Texas will be dealt with in L.A.

Nichols stated that Tristan's threat to invoke Texas law was puzzling. The child will not be residing in Texas in order to make a custody determination. Tristan is not a resident of Texas. Maralee resides in California and Tristan doesn't live there. The child will be born here. California will become the 'home state for custody actions when the child is born. Texas will not have any custody jurisdiction.

Thompson denied previously having sex in California with Nichols. He claimed that March 13th, 2021 is the best date for conception. This is also his birthday. According to court documents, Nichols stated that the child was conceived in April.

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"We didn't have a serious relationship. According to court documents obtained from the Daily Mail, Thompson stated that they only saw each other "sporadically" between December 2020 and March 13 2021. "[Nichols] said that she was involved with other athletes, and that she understood the limitations of our relationship. She suggested that we might only see each other on a limited basis for consensual sexual sex.

Thompson was dating Khloe Kardashian in March 2021. PEOPLE was previously informed by a source that Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, a Keeping Up with The Kardashians alumnus, had split in June. True, a 3-year old daughter of Thompson and Thompson, is their joint child. (Thompson is also the father to Prince, 5 years old, whose mother Jordan Craig is ex-Thompson.

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In his court record, Thompson also claimed that he communicated only with Nichols through Snapchat. This photo messaging app automatically deletes messages once they are read. He repeatedly stated that his relationship was based solely on sex.

He said that there was no traditional dating. There were no restaurants, movies, or other signs of a normalized relationship. "There were only Snapchats about 'where' and' 'what' we would hook-up and which hotels would be used.

Thompson claimed that the Snapchat messages Nichols included with court filings, which he alleged were from Thompson's account, might be fake based on who sent them. Thompson claimed that the messages showed the sender as "TT" and not his username of "@blkjesus00."

The athlete requested a paternity check for Nichols' baby.

PEOPLE was previously informed by an insider that Kardashian "knows" about the baby.

A source told PEOPLE recently that Thompson and Kardashian are now "focusing on coparenting."

According to the source, Khloe "is moving on." "Tristan and Khloe were separated for a while and everything is fine between them."