Spears hears that she has to manage the turmoil triggered by her dramatic speech

Three weeks after Britney Pops' dramatic comments in court denouncing the conservatorship that has ruled her life for 13 year, a Los Angeles judge will convene Wednesday to discuss the aftermath.

Spears hears that she has to manage the turmoil triggered by her dramatic speech

Spears' comments led to the resignation of her court-appointed attorney , withdrawal of an estate management company that was supposed oversee her finances and a torrent of accusations between her father, and a professional conservator, over who is to blame for the legal conditions Spears stated are "abusive" which must end.

Spears will not be able to speak at the afternoon hearing. All parties are expected to participate remotely. However, she might weigh in when she is trying to hire a lawyer of choice.

Spears spoke out publicly at the hearing on June 23, saying she was being forced into taking medication and using an intrauterine contraceptive. She also stated that she was not allowed marry her boyfriend and she wants to own her money.

Spears stated, "I just want to have my life back."

She was harshly critical about her father, who is conservator of her finances. Jodi Montgomery, a court-appointed professional, was more balanced. Jodi serves as conservator for her person and oversees her life choices.

James Spears stated in a legal file that the court must investigate the allegations and Montgomery’s role. He pointed out that his daughter's private life is now beyond his control after he resigned from his role as conservator of her personal affairs in 2019, which he had held for 11 years. Montgomery's request to pay security money for death threats was rejected by him. He claimed that he had been the victim of similar threats for many years.

Montgomery denied Britney Spears was forced to use birth control or prevented from getting married. She reacted to James Spears by saying Britney Spears had not expressed a desire to have her expelled like she did with her father.

Montgomery stated that she was committed to her job and has put together a care plan to end the conservatorship. James Spears expressed no desire to have it ended.