Sean Connery said, "Get a chill to the kidneys!"

Sean Connery made a joke about 1997's'shirts hanging out' people.

Sean Connery said, "Get a chill to the kidneys!"

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BBC Two viewers were able to see Sean Connery's life and work in an episode of Talking Pictures on Wednesday afternoon. The program featured footage of Connery reflecting on his career. Sean shared his story in a selection of old clips. He also reflected on his career and compared his roles. While commenting on his appearance in an early James Bond film, Sean also criticized "young people", and the modern fashion trends that he found confusing.

Sean observed and commented on various footage from his film career throughout the program.

He recalled a clip from Marnie (1964 Alfred Hitchcock film), where he starred with Tippi Hedren.

The interviewer noticed something else about Sean's appearance while reviewing the footage.

The interviewer said, "They've really shaved you eyebrows there haven’t they?"

Sean Connery blasts "young people with their shirt up" as a chill in the kidneys

In a rare interview on television, Sean Connery attacked "young people". (Image: BBC)

Sean responded: "Yes, they did everything in my initial introduction to the kindof perfecto, so it was, of Hollywood.

He said, "I think they really desired someone like Cary Grant."

He continued to describe how his look was created for the thriller film.

Sean explained how his character should look. He revealed that his hair and make-up team had altered his appearance.