Prominent Greek actor-director Detained, charged with rape

Police say a renowned stage actor and manager in Greece was arrested on rape charges

Prominent Greek actor-director Detained, charged with rape

ATHENS, Greece -- A famous Greek stage actor and manager was arrested on rape charges, authorities say.

Lignadis, 56, has been held pending an appearance before a magistrate.

Based on media reports, three or more individuals have made allegations from Lignadis, such as a 25-year-old guy who accused him of having chased him in 2010.

Rumors of the alleged sexual misconduct swelled lately, resulting in Lignadis' resignation two months ago as artistic director of Greece's National Theater, a post he'd held because 2019.

Revelations earlier this season with the Olympic gold medalist she was mistreated by a sailing federation official back in 1998 have ignited a #MeToo movement reckoning in Greece.

Folks have come forward to accuse well-known characters in the amusement of sexual harassment, rape and assault. Well-known directors and actors have come under fire, but Lignadis is the first to be detained.

The situation has taken on political measurements. The political opposition accused the Greek government of failing to follow up on complaints, although the culture minister responded Friday by accusing Lignadis of becoming a"dangerous man" who had"tricked" her along with his acting capability.

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni stated she requested that a Supreme Court prosecutor to explore all of abuse allegations from Greece's theater community.

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