Most Heart breaking Songs of All Time

A heartbreak is as universal a falling in love.

Most Heart breaking Songs of All Time

A heartbreak is as universal a falling in love. That is why as many heartbreak songs as we do love songs have. And today we want to look at some of the most emotional and most heart breaking songs of all time.

 It’s a good things that as much as we love these songs we know that we won’t find them in any online casino games at sites such as as we can’t stand emotional imbalance when we are playing for real money.

Herat Breaking Songs

Tears in Heaven by Clapton

If this song doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, there we are sure that you need to read the story behind it. This song as well as story behind it are so painful that even the headrest hearts will melt the moment that piece the two pieces together.

This song was so heart breaking for its writer Clapton that he could no longer bear to perform it at live performances.

Everybody Hurts- R.E.M

This song can bring tears to your eyes as well as give you the motivation to keep living. The words of the chorus, Everybody Hurts sometimes means that we can go through the most difficult days but we still need to carry on. Although we wouldn’t recommend this song when you are feeling low as it can bring tears to your eyes. This song is great to comfort you after you lost a real money online blackjack jackpot.

Cats in Cradle- Harry Chapin

We understand that life is busy, but it should never be too busy for family. And if you think that you are too busy for you family, you need to make a date with this song. It talks about how fathers are too busy for their sons when they are growing up. And when their songs are all grown up, they get too busy for their songs.

The words will give a reality check. And if this is the way that you chose to live, then we are sure that this song will be able to hit you right in spot and break your heart at the same time.

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