Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Seen kissing during gym Exercise in Miami: Record

The singer and'Argo' celebrity Seem to maintain the'honeymoon period,' insider claims

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Seen kissing during gym Exercise in Miami: Record

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been seen in numerous nations across the nation throughout the previous month and it seems like their latest reunion in Miami showcased some PDA.

The duo, dubbed"Bennifer" by enthusiasts throughout their participation over a decade back, recently took their journeys to Miami, Fla. in which an onlooker seen them exercising together in a fitness center.

According to a source, the singer and celebrity weren't concealing their rumored love as one individual spotted them discussing"a kiss between collections," Entertainment Tonight reports.

Lopez and Affleck's outing allegedly happened at Anatomy Fitness at Miami. "They moved to perform their workouts with different coaches, but weren't attempting to conceal their connection by any means," the insider dished.

While both were each working on their fitness, they had been seen"hugging" and"being lively together." The source added that it was"apparent to everybody that they have extreme chemistry were having fun together."

"They had been having a fantastic time," the source added. "Jennifer works out daily and it is a part of her regular and it appeared like Ben really wanted to be there along with her"

The eyewitness reasoned that both seem to be in the"honeymoon period." Lopez and Affleck's alleged rekindled love has become the talk of Hollywood, with stars and fans weighing in with a massive quantity of aid for the few to become official once more.

What is more, the"Argo" celebrity was additionally allegedly spotted donning a exceptional watch the"Hustlers" celebrity gifted him in 2002. It includes a thick silver chain and a slender face.

Lopez and Affleck were participated in 2002 but divided in 2004.

In photographs obtained by the U.K.'s DailyMail in early May, both have been spotted driving in an SUV with Affleck in the helm along with Lopez riding in the passenger seat. Recently, Affleck has also been seen arriving at and departing from Lopez's Bel Air mansion.

Lopez lately finished her involvement to former MLB celebrity Alex Rodriguez. Meanwhile, the Affleck split celebrity Ana de Armas in January.

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