Is Morbius MCU or not? 

You might have wondered what the Morbius MCU is. Here's a summary of what we know and how it may all link up to form a larger multiverse reality. We know that anything is possible in the new world, and we won't be able to tell until the film hits theaters in early 2022. However, there is a lot of information so we will try to make it as clear as possible.

Is Morbius MCU or not? 

The origin story of Michael Morbius, anti-hero who mutates into a vampire bat to heal the blood disease he has suffered from since childhood is the 2022 Morbius movie. The mutation has left him with an intense hankering after blood and prey.

This last part is the most important. It means that instead of eating a mooing steak occasionally, he now finds himself slicing at people and draining their blood like Dracula. It is essentially a continuation of Sony's Spider-Man Universe, which builds on Tom Harry’s efforts as Venom. But the question is whether it also forms part the MCU.

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This suggests that Morbius is part of the MCU

Two major developments point to the Morbius movie as part of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The first is Michael Keaton's appearance in the trailer. His appearance in the trailer, which looks and sounds a lot like Toomes, is sufficient to link the two films.

Since the current Spider-Man is MCU you can assume that the Vulture is also in Morbius. This assumption doesn't account for the Multiverse reality we now have with Marvel.

This trailer shows that Michael Keaton could be Adrain Toomes again. However, it is a different character to the MCU who we last saw languishing behind bars. It could be another character, but we are pretty certain it will be Vulture.


It is possible that the Adrian Toomes is the same Adrian Toomes. This is an alternative possibility. Although it is part of the same reality that the MCU, it is not intended to be a core part. You won't find Morbius in any Marvel Cinematic Universe film list, past or present. Therefore, if the Michael Keaton connection is the same reality, they are clearly not classifying it as a legitimate cannon movie.

This brings us to the second major development. However, if Spider-Man No Way Home and Venom 2 are not yet in your collection, you may want to put them down and stop reading. You might be interested in seeing the development take place within these films, and it is very cool.

Now that we have all the background information out of the way, let's get to the details. We saw in Let There Be Carnage that Eddie and Venom were transported from their universe to the same place as Tom Holland's Spider-Man. He sees the TV report that Peter Parker is the child behind the mask when he lands.

In No Way Home, however, the universe crossover that brings over the five villains is tied to a spell that affects anyone who already knows that Peter Parker, Spider-Man, is in their universe. Brock and Venom don't know this. In fact, there doesn't seem to be Spider-Man in their universe so it can't be the spell that brought them together.

If they didn't cross over by the spell, the logical conclusion is that there's more than meets the eye in the multiverse and that it's fluid enough to allow for almost any possibility. Venom is telling Eddie about the knowledge of his alien race about other universes just before they cross over.

This seems like an odd coincidence. We think Venom may have caused the jump, and that's how the aliens spread across the multiverse. But we'll need to wait until Venom 3 and the next Spider-Man movie to know for sure.

Referring to the Morbius MCU connection, this means that the film will allow for different ways to write in Adrian Toomes. It does not necessarily mean that the film is part of Phase 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe. Venom: Let There Be Carnage was a big crossover film, but it is not an MCU movie and we believe that the Living Vampire will have the same.

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