Hilaria Baldwin shares a photo to commemorate the pain she and Alec went through

Since the incident with the accidentally shot on the set of Rust's movie, the year has been a wild one for the duo.

Hilaria Baldwin shares a photo to commemorate the pain she and Alec went through

Hilaria Baldwin shared this photo after a hectic few months. It shows her dressed up with Alec and reflecting on all they have been through together.

Hilaria posted a picture on Instagram of her kissing Alec on Sunday. She was wearing a smart dark suit and a stylish black shirt. The bottom of her black outfit has red roses printed on it.

The photo was captioned by the star: "We've gone through a lot together."

Alec was injured in an accident shooting incident in October on the New Mexico set of the indie-Western movie Rust. This left Halyna Hutchins, cinematographer, and Joel Souza both seriously wounded. The Baldwin family was the focus of a police investigation into the incident.

Alec stated previously that he has been dealing with intense media scrutiny and the overwhelming feelings of guilt that followed the event.

Alec noted previously that he is turning to many spiritual and leaders to help him cope. It was not surprising that he posted a message of thanksgiving and faith to his wife's post.

"I only know that when I feel like God has forgotten about me, I believe that he brought your into my life. He wrote that he received the greatest gift of all, alongside my children.

Baldwin shared an video on social media to express his sadness at not being able to go on a trip with his family.

"I am at an airport, and I am about go on a short trip to do a job. I am miserable, as I often am. Baldwin, 63, said, "I'm very sad whenever my family leaves me," while rubbing his forehead.

"I'm sorry that my eyes are still puffy. He said, "I'm not sleeping."
The actor then discussed the decision of his and his wife to have six children. With his ex-wife Kim Bassinger, he also has a 26-year-old daughter, Ireland.

Baldwin stated, "I don’t believe you can make the decisions we’ve made without having a clear understanding of your desire to have many children."

He said that he still finds it "unbelievable" that he has six children at home, the oldest of which is eight years old.

"I don’t have any other things in my life. That's all I can say. Baldwin said, "I'm not asking anybody to pin medals on my but I haven't done any other thing in my life that even remotely matters to me."
"I hate to be away from my family. I refuse to take on jobs that I don't think are right for me because I want to be close to my children. I don't like being away from my children and wife. I am on my way to leave my family and go on a vacation. It doesn't take that long, but it is a horrible experience. It's really horrible," she said.
He ended by praising his children for being so happy to be home with him.