Harry and Meghan reveal first picture of Lilibet for Christmas card

Photograph taken at home shows the daughter being held by her mother as she sits on Archie's knee.

Harry and Meghan reveal first picture of Lilibet for Christmas card

The first photo of Lilibet, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess, has been released by the Duke and Duchess. Meghan holds up the child laughing in the image, which was published on their Christmas card.

Alexi Lubomirski took the photo of Prince Harry and Curly-Haired Archie at their Santa Barbara home this summer.

Six-month-old Lilibet, named for the Queen's childhood nickname, has not been photographed before, and her brother, two years old, is rarely seen in public.

The card's message reads: "This is the year 2021 that we welcomed Lilibet to the world. Archie made us a "Mama" and a "Papa", and Lili made us family. We are looking forward to 2022 and have donated on your behalf to many organizations that honor or protect families - from American families who are being relocated from Afghanistan to American families in need for paid parental leave: Welcome.US. Humanity Crew & Paid Leave For All. PL+US. Marshall Plan for Moms. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season as well as a prosperous new year. As ever, Harry, Meghan, Archie & Lili."

The Archewell foundation released a statement confirming that Harry and Meghan had contributed to charities. These included Welcome.US which assists Afghan refugees in the country and Team Rubicon which mobilizes military veterans for disaster relief.

The couple will spend Christmas together with their children at the US home they moved from the UK in March 2020.

Clarence House confirmed that the Queen will spend Christmas Day in London with the Prince and Duchess of Cornwall. Despite the rapid spread Omicron Covid, the monarch had previously said that she would be staying in Windsor for Christmas.

The Queen usually hosts her large family at Sandringham, Norfolk. They are often accompanied by large crowds to attend church on 25/12/12, but Covid made it impossible.

A traditional pre-Christmas lunch that had been planned for Tuesday was also cancelled by the Queen.

Buckingham Palace announced Thursday that a thanksgiving service for the life and work of the Duke of Edinburgh will be held at Westminster Abbey in spring 2022.

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