Episode 1 of 'Australian Survivor Blood V Water': Queen Sandra returns to win the 3rd crown. But who was voted out?

The worldwide interest in " Australian Survivor " is unsurpassed.

Episode 1 of 'Australian Survivor Blood V Water': Queen Sandra returns to win the 3rd crown. But who was voted out?

This is no doubt due to the casting Sandra Diaz­Twine. Sandra was the legendary American player who won twice ("Pearl Islands") and "Heroes vs. Villains") respectively. Now, Queen Sandra will be back on the hunt for her third career crown. She'll be bringing along her daughter, Alanna Twine. The cycle this year is called "Blood V Water", and it will feature 12 pairs from loved ones fighting for the ultimate prize, $500,000.

Below is our episode 1 recap of "Australian Survivor: Blood V Water". This episode aired on January 31, 2022, on Network 10 or 10play on demand.

Welcome to Australia

The premiere starts with host Jonathan LaPaglia announcing to viewers that the season will run for 47 days and will feature 24 people but that only one survivor will be chosen. The special introductions of some players are then taped. Surfers Jordie Hansen, and Jesse Hansen are first up. They talk about their "unbreakable” bond as brothers. Kate J. Austin, Sophie Cachia have "sisters" who "know each others so well." But is this a positive or negative thing? Jonathan teases that "blood requires loyalty, but what will they do to win the crown?" Ok, let's go back to the intros.

Rugby star Michael Crocker is competing alongside his sister-in law Christina Zaremba. She admits that she doesn't know much information about the reality television show. Khanh Ong is a brother to Amy Ong. Amy describes how she has lived under her brother's shadow her entire life. Andrew Meldrum, a former "Australian Survivor" contestant, calls this "unfinished business". He's now playing with his sister Kate Tatham. Mark Wales, Samantha Gash were married during the 2017 season.

Jonathan welcomes the Australian players and warns them that the season is unpredictable. He yells, "Let's get it in!" as the helicopter arrives. The Queen is here, ladies and gentlemen. Sandra reminds viewers that she has won twice before, and then promises to "beat Nina's ass" if it comes to her against her daughter.

Reward challenge

Jonathan divides the group into two distinct tribes -- Red for the blood aspect and Blue for the water. The tribe that wins the first reward challenge will receive a camp with a firepit and firewood. The loved ones will be paired up against one another and must slide down a huge slide, then fight in muddy water to win a ring for their team pole.

Jordie for Blue wins the first point. Sophie for Red, Andy and Croc for Red follow, making it a tie at two-two. Sandra vs. Nina is the tie-breaker round. Nina beat her mother and won for Blue.

Camp life

Chrissy at the Blue camp is "gutted" she was separated from Croc. Although she hates the bugs and dirt, she loves the social aspect. The twelve gamers swim in a stream and meet each other. Andy is called out for lying about his previous season. He explains that this year's goal is to "try to build connections" with others. Mark leverages his military experience to find his tribe mates. Nina is immediately targeted because she is Sandra's daughter.

Jesse, who was "ripped apart" by his brother's victory in the challenge, is now at the Red camp and says that he's "mind-blown" to be in a tribe alongside Sandra. Although the Queen hoped that no one of these Aussies would recognize them, that is not the case. Sandra promises "not too hard too fast" but then confesses in a confessional she will defeat anyone if she can win her third trophy.

Day 2

The Blood tribe discusses their "horrible first night", with Sophie describing how she felt an animal touch her while she was sleeping. Recent divorcee, who calls herself a natural born leader and owns a multimillion-dollar business, recently discovered that she is gay.

When Shayelle Lajoie gathers wood to light the fire, the Water camp has rice for breakfast. She is in love with her partner Ben Watson and wants to be able to merge to play with him. Shay quickly bonds with BrianaGoodchild and shares with them a clue about the hidden immunity idol that is attached to Jonathan’s podium at tribal council. (Adam Klein feels vindicated. Chrissy discovered another clue that will allow only the fastest person to claim the idol. It's amazing that Chrissy doesn't know what tribal council is. This is going to be great!


Jonathan shouts "Get on in!" for the first time this season. Alex Frost had his back at camp and needed help to get to the challenge. He is unable to compete. Jay Bruno , his in-law, is upset to see Alex hurt on Day 2. The tribes must bring a battering ram to the challenge. It must be able to go over a ramp, up two walls, and up a tower. The tribes will then be able to declare who has smashed all of their targets first with hammers and they will receive immunity. Kate offers to be a spectator in order to help the teams win.

The physical challenge goes according to plan, until Blue is stuck at the second wall. They become tired and give up, as Red moves on to the next challenge. Blue makes it past the wall. Sophie, from the Red team, throws the last hammer to win the challenge for her tribe. Jay hopes that Alex, his in-law, will survive the vote. However, he is on the opposite tribe so he doesn't have any power.


Blue is disappointed that they lost and turns their attention to Alex for causing them pain. Andy basically blames Alex for the team's defeat and says he is a "natural" target to get votes. Briana and Shay talk in secret about Jonathan's idol and then say they want to vote for Chrissy, because she keeps dropping the battering rod. Nina learned from her mom that she must make her own moves in the game and wants to change Andy's mind. She confesses that her gut tells her to not trust Andy.

Mark and Nina have a chat at the watering hole, and both agree that Andy poses the greatest threat to the game. Jordie joins the conversation and agrees with their plan. Nina promises she will chat with other people to figure out the numbers. Alex believes he will be eliminated. He is devastated by the thought. Chrissy, however, doesn't want him to vote. Andy wants to split Alex's vote with Chrissy. He has no idea that Chrissy is being thrown out. Andy believes that he is in complete control of the game. We'll watch to see how it plays out.

Tribal council

It takes just seven votes to send someone home when there are 12 players. Players arrive, grab their torches and dip them in the fire. Fire represents your life. The camera then focuses on the object that looks like a flower at Jonathan's podium. Chrissy and Shay keep looking at it. Then, all three of them jump up simultaneously. Chrissy wins the idol! Jonathan asks Chrissy if her game has changed now that she has an idol. They all answer no. Chrissy discovers that she is a target. Andy doesn't know that he's about get votes. It's time for you to vote!

Jonathan asks everyone if they would like to use their idol after a dozen castaways have written down the name and address of the person they want to return home. Chrissy is happy to hand over her idol, possibly not knowing that she can save it for later. The votes have been read: Alex Alex Andy Andy Andy Andy Briana Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy Andy. This is enough: Andy was voted out as the "Australian Survivor: Blood V Water" winner.

Next time

After her brother returns, Kate declares it's "game over." Jonathan teases that the "brutal challenges" will be more severe. Sandra vows, "If [Nina] goes home, every single person I come after."

Andy says that he was only the victim of a "consummate blindside", and that he is "100% shocked" by his experience.