Dwayne Johnson appears to have pulled support for Joe Rogan amid racism criticism

Dwayne Johnson had previously supported Joe Rogan in his criticism of COVID-19 misinformation

Dwayne Johnson appears to have pulled support for Joe Rogan amid racism criticism

Dwayne Johnson apparently withdrew his support of Joe Rogan following a series of videos that showed the popular podcast host using racist slurs.

Johnson made headlines when he commented on Rogan’s video response to critics. Johnson was then asked to be removed by the Spotifyplatform. Johnson also went exclusive with "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast in 2020 over his misinformation about COVID-19.

Johnson responded to Rogan's defense of himself and his guests with "great stuff here brother" "Perfectly articulated. We look forward to meeting you one day and sharing our love for tequila.

Rogan, 54 years old, posted a video to Instagram Friday night in which he apologized for his "deepest, sincerest" apologies to critics who pointed out that his podcast could also be a refuge for racist comments.

Johnson was once again brought to the public eye by Don Winslow, activist and author who called Johnson out on Twitter for his support of Rogan.

"Dear @donwinslow," Johnson wrote Friday. "Thanks so much for that. You are 100% right. I didn't know he used the N word before my comments. But now I am more aware. This was a learning moment for me.

He said, "Mahalo brother, and have a great and productive weekend." DJ."
Rogan apologized for the "regretful, shameful" comments he made on his podcast. This is in the midst of controversy surrounding artists who removed their music from Spotify. Rogan apologized for using the word but most of his video was spent defending him.
"I made this video to share the most shameful and regretful thing I have ever done publicly. A video of me using the N-word is out. This video is a compilation of clips taken from 12 years of conversations on my podcast. It's all smooshed together. Rogan stated that it looked "f---ing terrible, even to myself."
Rogan spent the remainder of his apology video explaining why he used the slur and insisting that he was not racist.
Even though Johnson has not been on Rogan’s podcast, they have
s had some friendly exchanges on social networks. Johnson previously supported Johnson in 2020 amid speculations that Johnson, a former WWE star, was going to run for political office according to Newsweek.