Colts' Frank Reich explains why he cringes when hearing about Carson Wentz's alleged bad rep

Reich said the Wentz commerce will'end up being great for both organizations'

Colts' Frank Reich explains why he cringes when hearing about Carson Wentz's alleged bad rep

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich says he's convinced he's the perfect guy when it comes to quarterback Carson Wentz, however he can not help but"cringe" when he hears about the reputation he obtained while still playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Reich has been asked by reporters on Monday he believes Wentz is still fixable after last year and, without making any excuses, he shot down any idea that the Colts acquired a bust.

"I just cringe when I hear things like this, not that a player shouldn't be accountable for bad play on the area," he said, through "Carson has to answer to this, and he's replied to it. And before you get out there and prove otherwise, that is exactly what you live with."

He continued:"I just know that playing with the position of quarterback, there are many facets that enter it. We spoke about why the bad play last year, I'm just very confident he has a team around him. It's just I think the culture match. You guys know how I really feel about the Eagles, how highly I believe about that organization. But sometimes in athletics, this is one of those transitions I believe it's going to wind up being great for both organizations, I think it's going to be good for Carson. I think we got to be patient with it. I think that it takes a little bit of time, just like it took Philip (Rivers) per minute and Jacoby (Brissett) a moment. But I'm confident that we have the right player."

Wentz helped bring the Eagles their only Super Bowl triumph in 2018 with arguably his very best season but he couldn't see it through after a torn ACL finished his season in Week 14. Philadelphia, headed by copy Nick Foles, defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Plagued by injuries, Wentz's operation declined the subsequent season. After arriving as the team's starter in 2019, the Eagles won the NFC East Division title but lost in the Wild Card round.

Wentz's future in Philadelphia became a cause for concern in 2020 with the drafting of rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts. He would finally replace Wentz, which led to reports of a fractured relationship between him and former head coach Doug Pederson and his eventual death.

"I am prepared to place it on the line for gamers that you believe in. I believe in this group, I think in Carson. I feel great about it. I do know that his play will reveal the job he does, the job that our staff does, the work that our staff does, all of the preparation. However, I do not mind being the point person on that."

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