CBS and NBC trading Super Bowls is one of those rare instances It May Wind up benefitting both networks

LOS ANGELES -- CBS and NBC trading Super Bowls is among those rare times which may wind up benefitting both the networks.

CBS and NBC trading Super Bowls is one of those rare instances It May Wind up benefitting both networks

Under the typical rotation, NBC initially had this year's match from Tampa and CBS owned rights to 2022 in Los Angeles.

"Having turned into a matchup between Brady and Mahomes, I'd make that trade each year," CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said. "If you'd asked us in September, what is the fantasy matchup?

The matchup is the lynchpin to a day of programming intended for more than a year -- and in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic. Many may believe organizing a community's Super Bowl policy falls mainly into the sport branch, but information, entertainment as well as other sections are involved, also. It's also the first opportunity because the ViacomCBS merger has been completed 15 weeks ago to demonstrate collaboration by several branches.

"Obviously, it is a massive day for athletics, but it is a really significant day for the whole community," CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl stated. "On the afternoon of the Super Bowl, you receive 100 million individuals, and you attempt to lure as many of these to stick around and present a brand new show or or strengthen an present show. Every couple of decades, we are fortunate enough to have this "


Coordinating producer Drew Kaliski has been intending attributes since April, but even up till this week there were modifications. When Tampa Bay attained the match for the very first time a group has played with a Super Bowl on its own home area, Kaliski began brainstorming. He'll showcase Tampa Bay fans who've seen all three of the pro sports teams play for a tournament in the past six months.

With COVID-19 protocols in place -- meaning no visits to staff complexes -- and a blizzard that struck New York earlier this week, Kaliski was pleased that they had the ability to do remote interviews.

"We had the ability to own our Studio 43 place in New York as our home base to perform the interviews, which seems incredible," Kaliski said. "With all of the hurdles we had to confront, I never believed we would have the ability to pull it off. And I am a fairly positive guy. I believe that the attempt of individuals and the technology that is out there today, it is mind boggling to consider it it only works flawlessly "

Following a loony multi-year stretch covering a stunt, a political effort like no other and also the transition to another government, CBS News gets a chance to concentrate on an occasion Susan Zirinsky, the branch president, describes"almost religious in the American populace."

The information division has been contributing features on displays and supplying to affiliates weekly, however, its most-anticipated participation will probably be Biden's first sit-down interview since taking office.

"Christmas came early," Zirinsky said concerning the community landing the initial meeting with Biden, that had been performed on Friday. "The presidential meeting, you understand, it's a tradition. What's going to show up in the pregame show will probably be exceptional. It is more of a dialog. Here is the president's first meeting along with an opportunity for him to sort of signature America."


Discussions about which series will air following the Super Bowl are held off till after the fall television season starts in late September. However, with most CBS shows not broadcasting new episodes before November because of manufacturing delays during the ordeal, Kahl stated they did not pick on"The Equalizer" before December.

"we would like to give ourselves as much info and opinions as we could before we make that decision, understanding the type of ripple effects it's across the whole business," he explained.

The show, which stars Queen Latifah, was in the community's plans for a little while but production was postponed on account of the pandemic. It's a reimagining of the traditional CBS series, which aired for four seasons, in addition to a pair of movies starring Denzel Washington.

"When we watched that a first cut of this series, we enjoyed it and gauged it would have a very wide appeal. That makes an perfect candidate to place behind a match such as this," Kahl said.


A unique episode of"Late Show with Stephen Colbert" gives casual audiences an opportunity to observe how a series known for the monologues about the Donald Trump presidency has transitioned.

"I think that we we have not said Trump's title since he did not get elected. This is an chance to actually double down on this for people who haven't possibly checked out us for awhile," executive producer and show runner Chris Licht stated. "We have been doing a great deal on the series that doesn't have anything to do with Trump and we are going to emphasize the facet of Stephen, since that is where we're, as a series."

Licht stated when they did a series after the Super Bowl 2 decades back, evaluations data revealed first-time or new audiences sticking around for another two to three months.

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