Black cats are good luck

October is Black Cat Awareness Month. Black cats and kittens find this month difficult due to the color of their fur and their association with Halloween, witches, and others. Some people consider a black cat crossing your path to bring bad luck. Amberly Ondria, Broome County Humane Society Shelter Manager, said that black cats are not bad.

Black cats are good luck

Ondria stated that black cats and dogs are more likely spend longer time in shelters awaiting adoption.

Ondria stated that there is evidence that shelter animals will stay longer than any other animal. It's not that their eyes are blinded. "We have black cats, and we have all kinds of black dogs in our shelter. There's nothing scary that happens to them. They are loved by us and just as much fun to own than any other animal.

Ondria stated that there are many black cats and dogs at the Humane Society looking for a home.