Blac Chyna lawsuit: Jury awards Kardashians a sweeping victory

Monday's verdict in Blac Chyna, former reality TV star, was a major victory for the Kardashian family.

Blac Chyna lawsuit: Jury awards Kardashians a sweeping victory

LOS ANGELES (AP), Monday's verdict in Blac Chyna, former reality TV star, was a major victory for the Kardashian family.

Los Angeles jury found no member of the jury defamed Chyna. They also did not interfere with her contract by persuading the E! The jury in Los Angeles found that none of the members defamed Chyna, nor did they interfere with her contract by convincing E!

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were present at nearly all of the trial. However, when the verdict was read, they were all in New York at Met Gala where the theme for this year was "Gilded Glamour."

Chyna was present at the courthouse for the verdict. There was no reaction visible from her.

After 10 hours of deliberations the jury decided that the Kardashians had often acted in bad-faith. They also found that they were not justified in telling executives and producers of "Rob & Chyna," that Chyna had abused their son, Rob Kardashian. They found that the jury form had no significant effect on Chyna’s contract or the fate the show and awarded her no damages.

E!! executives testified that "Rob & Chyna" ended because the relationship ended, not because of the defendants' actions. E! executives testified that the "Rob & Chyna", which aired it, ended because the relationship ended and not because of the defendants.

Rhodes stated, "They are very happy." "I hope they enjoy their gala at New York."

Lynne Ciani, Chyna’s attorney, stated that she had read the verdict and found that Chyna did not physically abuse Rob Kardashian. The jury also found that "all four defendants had intently interfered with her contract to the E! Network."

She added, "We will appeal the remaining questions."

When it was discovered that the jury had voted 8-4 on questions in Kylie Jenner's case when 9-3 was needed in civil cases, the jury was twice sent back. However, they quickly returned with 9-3 votes. The result remained the same.

After a judge dismissed the Kim Kardashian lawsuit, a judge ordered that the jury consider the defamation case against Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

During the nine-day trial, all four women gave evidence.

The trial was dominated by allegations that Chyna attacked Rob Kardashian, her then-fiancee and reality TV star, on December 16, 2016. He claimed that she held a gun to her head twice, tied a phone-charging cable around his neck, and beat him with an iron rod. She said that she had tied the cord around her boyfriend's neck, held the gun in her hands, and then beat him with a metal rod.

The jury was only interested in the aftermath of the fight. Jurors were required to determine whether any of the defendants knowingly lied or spread the word about the abuse with reckless disregard for truth. They also had to determine whether the communications were illegal interferences with Chyna’s contract to appear in the show.

Ciani claimed that the women believed her client had attacked Rob Kardashian's ex-fiance.

Ciani stated that he didn't believe there was a mark on Ciani. "There was no call from the police, no trip the hospital, and not one Band-Aid.

Rhodes argued that the women had every basis to believe the accounts of Rob Kardashian's attack and Kris Jenner’s long-term boyfriend Corey Gamble. He arrived on the scene and ended the dispute.

"Do you recall how Rob looked at the podium? Rhodes stated that his pain was real. "This is a real family. They're not only famous, but they are real people. He was really hurt."

It was clear that Gamble would be the main witness in the defense's case. The jury would find that the testimony of the producers and executives of television, who were often technical and without drama, was more significant than the testimony of the women.

The jury could make a split decision and find against certain Kardashians, but not other members.

Instead, they gave Chyna a good clean and Chyna nothing.

In the lawsuit, she had requested $108 million. The plaintiff's victory did not trigger a punitive damages phase.

This 5-year-old lawsuit was successful despite many obstacles, including motions for dismissal and settlement talks between the parties. It was impossible to get to trial.

The final hurdle, convincing a jury to approve, was too difficult.

Chyna's case isn’t over yet. Separate claims in the suit against Rob Kardashian with him as the sole defendant were divided into a separate trial which will likely start in approximately a week.

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