Are HyunA and DAWN getting married? Here's what we know

The singers HunA and DAWN seem to be thinking about a wedding!

Are HyunA and DAWN getting married? Here's what we know

The  couple shared a video on their Instagram accounts on February 3, 2022 of their hands, with glimmering Opal rings on their fingers. We are absolutely in awe of how adorable these two are.

Kim Hyojong, aka DAWN, shared an Instagram update in which he can be seen admiring the fingers of his fingers. A sparkling iridescent gem appears to be visible on his left ring finger. Soon another hand wearing the same ring appears, and we suspect that it is HyunA. We think that this is the best way to announce their engagement. Next is the image of the two opal rings in seashell-shaped boxes. The caption of DAWN's post was 'MARRY ME'. Soon HyunA re-shared the image on her Instagram account. She captioned the video with crying emojis and wrote, "Ofcourse it's a no."

They have been together for more than 5 years. In May 2016, they shared that their relationship began. They were also CUBE Entertainment artists, and Triple H members. According to reports, their relationship evolved from a junior-junior relationship. They soon left the agency and joined P NATION, which was founded by PSDY. They have continued to show love to each other and released a duet album, "1+1=1" on September 9, 2021.

People used to gossip about the couple's engagement when they saw any rings. Although this seems to be the official announcement of the couple, it is possible to be wrong as HyunA or DAWN have a history of teasing their fans.