Xavier Naidoo: Coronavirus-delusion in the case of singer – solidarity with Attila Hildmann | Boulevard

New excitement to Xavier Naidoo. The pop singer and conspiracy theorists confused with his Flat Earth theories, and shows solidarity with the scandal-Koch Attil

Xavier Naidoo: Coronavirus-delusion in the case of singer – solidarity with Attila Hildmann | Boulevard

New excitement to Xavier Naidoo. The pop singer and conspiracy theorists confused with his Flat Earth theories, and shows solidarity with the scandal-Koch Attila Hildmann.

Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 *: Xavier Naidoo strikes again. the solidarity with Attila Hildmann : conspiracy theorists among themselves.Not an isolated case: Hamburg Til Schweiger * and German rapper Sido in the criticism.

Mannheim Once the soul bard known, is associated to the Name Xavier Naidoo , only with the turmoil of statements and crude conspiracy theories . Especially in times of Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 of the native Mannheim by controversial Statements and views on falls. The latest example: his Flat Earth theories , as well as his solidarity party will take for scandal-Koch Attila Hildmann .

Xavier Naidoo and Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2: a conspiracy theorist's at it again

from The preferred message service is Telegram , and is also used in this particular case as a platform to deliver more than daring theories. The minute Naidoo on Saturday, 23. May 2020 , messages dispatched, and the adherents of conspiracy theories , no desire left.

singers:Xavier Naidoo born:2. October 1971 (age 48 years), Mannheim, Germany height:1,76 mAlben:Not of this world, And WegEltern:Eugene Naidoo, Rausammy Naidoo

Whether Flat Earth theories , "assistance" for the Judaism or Aim: and politics in General - the 48-Year-old covers everything. Everything begins with the statement that the son Mannheims do not believe that the earth is a globe and not for around. A Flat-Earther opinion, him as a misunderstood Visionary and prophet of the brand Galileo Galilei is supposed to represent.

"10 years Ago, I said: The German Empire is in need of a peace Treaty. Now I say: The earth is not a globe. The truth is never as good. Cognitive Dissonance. I have patience,“ - said on the part of the singer . But that's not enough. It pass not five minutes before Naidoo the next barrel up. The theme this time is the world Jewry .

Xavier Naidoo: Confused statements over Judaism

"Jews of the World, don't make the same mistakes as Angela Merkel. Know when the Gig is over“, the German said. A statement, provided with a heart Emoji. Then perk up a few posts to be shared, before the "target earth" is once again on the Agenda in combination with Religion .

"the Christians who believe in a globe, read at the wrong end of the Bible," writes Naidoo – provided, of course, with a heart symbol. Furthermore, it does not mean: "the Jews are Judah/Judeans, and I still love you". This needs to be explained. However, the singer Council of Europe: "I. my Jewish organizer, Marek lieberberg [the organizer of Rock am Ring and Rock im Park; note of the author], 2 years ago in my opinion, we value and respect us The Jews are the Evil of mankind. The Jesuits are it“.

conspiracy theorists among themselves: the singer is Attila Hildmann

And also Naidoo supports conspiracy theorists and chef Attila Hildmann , the similar debatable views, such as the singer represents the time of the police was arrested. About "nordbuzz" .* Since it is only surprising due to the Mannheim shares a Post, the Berliner , in which he declares that at the time of his premature demise with a murder force to be reckoned with.

+ the thickness of sunglasses, the beret, the hallmark of Xavier Naidoo distinctive are. Meanwhile, the conspiracy theories of the singer.©include Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert/dpa/picture-alliance

The policy is not, however, forget. "Never parties", clarifies the 48-Year-old his opinion unequivocally - is provided with a Vomit Emoji and the Hashtag "#OneLove" . Not the first Time that Xavier Naidoo stands out in a negative way. He denies the Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 and calls its Videos to propaganda .* The Defaming of politicians as well as criticism of the German refugee policy include pursuits to your loved ones.

TV-Star Til Schweiger and German rapper Sido: Welcome to Corona Club

In the ever-growing club of Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2-critics are in addition to the already mentioned Hildmann and Naidoo further, promineten name. Above all, TV-Star Til Schweiger , Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2-cynic against the will. Once he gets to the General criticism from the* time he takes a vacation to Sylt * without giving the due rules much attention.

And also German rapper Sido you can insert now in this "illustrious" round. He gave online the conspiracy theorists *, then the Berlin attacked an camera crew the "picture"-newspaper * that to ask him his views wanted to. After all, the encouragement from TV presenters Jan böhmermann and Hamburger Olli Schulz * I'm sure he has. Support of this kind will also receive YouTuber Mois , performs an Online feud with Gangster-Rapper Bushido . the German rapper iamenzoletsgo is the Streamer and holds the Berlin for "worse than Hitler "*.

source: 24hamburg.de

* nordbuzz and 24hamburg.de are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital-editorial-network.

Date Of Update: 25 May 2020, 22:34

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