With favorite Songs on the Asphalt | Multimedia

Open window, the wind blows pleasantly through the car, but something is missing. Music. The right music. Not the usual Dudelfunk. Now it is time to act. Colo

With favorite Songs on the Asphalt | Multimedia

Open window, the wind blows pleasantly through the car, but something is missing. Music. The right music. Not the usual Dudelfunk. Now it is time to act.

Cologne/Hameln (dpa/tmn) - Who is traveling in the car, you should do not: the personal Playlist. After all, who is disappointed to the fact that always just a radio transmitter to track the mood fits, pretty sure.

A classic way to bring your favorite music in the car, is the digitisation of a CD collection on the computer. "Who owns a lot of CDs, do not come around in the long term, to drum, to convert his music library," says Car-Hi-Fi-specialist Michael Zeitler, operates in Köln a trade. "New devices have still a CD - and DVD-drives, and often also ports for SD cards and USB Sticks, but not the CD Changer."

you can Get the Stick with

into the car, the music files, then the easiest way on a USB Stick. Large drives with 64 gigabytes (GB) cost less than ten euros and can store thousands of Songs. The music you can store files with it in an online store. Because even in cars, the music comes more and more often over the Internet. "In the long term, all the music is stored in the Cloud or from Streaming services loaded," says Zeitler.

differences in sound quality between the different music file formats. The can be adjusted when you Digitize, the so-called Ribs, depending on the program. "Music fans who put on maximum quality of your music collection, store Songs in the FLAC Format," says Zeitler. FlAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, a sound strong Format that compresses the music in a different way than, for example, MP3 or AAC lossless.

Without bracket anything

Who has already subscribed to a music service, you can of course use it also to Stream in the car, provided a stable support and power for the Smartphone to be running. Whether the connection to the car stereo through a USB cable or Bluetooth comes into existence, is irrelevant, so Zeitler. Who has been smuggling in its monthly data volume, you should use the Offline function of the music service App and download his music at home in Wi-Fi.

another music-game type of Smartphone, Matthias Wagner, CEO of the trade group of Car acoustics uses often. He reaches in the car to Songs that he has stored on the phone: "The mobile phone is always with me, there are all my favorite songs." Also they come from a digitized CD collection.

Especially important the said holder for the Smartphone in the car. Because the StVO stipulates that the phone must be taken while driving or kept. In the operation and use of the smartphone, a short, road, traffic, visibility is only "- and weather conditions customized views of the funding" allowed.

The rolling Disco should it not be

And also if listen to music while driving is fun: Exaggerate should you not. A rolling Disco is not only harmful to the ear, but also can be for other road users, dangerous, and annoying. But what is too loud? How strongly motorists are allowed to turn on music, is not precisely regulated. According to road traffic regulations (StVO) is the driver's responsibility, "that his vision and hearing are not impaired by the cast, the animals, the load, equipment or condition of the vehicle."

"motorists must always ensure that you can exercise during the journey and when listening to music the traffic is still audible. To horns of other vehicles, sirens of operational vehicles as well as the ringing of bicycles," says Kay Schulte, head of accident prevention at German road safety Council (DVR).

headphones in the car are off-limits

"An exact number of decibels, there is not," explains Schulte. If you can talk to the driver and the passenger without yelling, the volume is usually still acceptable: "it is Important that the driver can still perceive noise outside of the car."

Before Wearing headphones in the car warns Schulte explicitly, because the driver is sealed off from external noise more or less completely, especially in the case of In-ear headphones, acoustically closed headphones and, of course, in the case of Noise-Cancelling headphones with active suppression of ambient noise and noise.

Info-box: The power of music with the driver's psyche

Can be music in the car, stressful, or even dangerous? Ralf Buchstaller, Technical Manager of the Medical-Psychological Institute of TÜV Nord, beweret not listen to music in the car as particularly disturbing. "It depends from the traffic situation, on the psychological Situation of the driver and whether the music is self-determined," says book of.

the music relax more, if the total is in a relaxed situation. In stressful situations, such as when nding the way in a strange city, could disturb the music but says book of. "A difference in music direction, there is not here, but. Most of the motorists choose to have a music that soothes you."

Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 06:36

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