What are meta-data in photos | Multimedia

meta data can be useful for the management of photos. But they also reveal much about the locations or the social Status. This can be problematic. Hamburg (dp

What are meta-data in photos | Multimedia

meta data can be useful for the management of photos. But they also reveal much about the locations or the social Status. This can be problematic.

Hamburg (dpa/tmn) - Whether it is a Smartphone or camera - when you Trigger a photo, which wanders in the memory of the first. "Every digital image contains, among other things, information about the date the photo was taken, as well as about the place," explains Rainer Schuldt of the "Computer image".

These so-called meta-data to create the cameras automatically, such as Moritz Wanke explained. "In some models, the collection of GPS can be turned off-data, but active," says the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Chip Foto Video".

Useful, but

For the photographer reveals the useful additional information, for example holiday pictures, says Andrea Trinkwalder from the computer magazine "c't". Help you later when you Catalog the photos.

from reading As many image management programs, the meta data and sort the images by date or location, useful for chronological photo albums. "For professional photographers, it is important, for example, the copyright to Deposit", white Trinkwalder.

But what if the images are shared in a social network? Then also the meta with Hiking data. "For the operators of such platforms are the metadata in the photos worth money," says Schuldt, tell you much about the social Status of the photographer or its purchasing power. Anyone who wants to erect barriers against this, you should delete the meta-data previously.


There are three types of metadata: EXIF, IPTC, and XMP. In the EXIF data cameras write all the possible information about the circumstances of the recording: the time and place, shutter speed, and aperture, as well as the correction filters, and processing Presets.

IPTC-fields are not filled in automatically during recording, but only later: "Here, photographer's copyright information, the location of the recording or a signature for an image and phrases can be put behind," explains Trinkwalder.

XMP is an Adobe-developed metadata Format that can also contain control data for use in Adobe and other programs. "So the image change information to Raw files are stored, so the not-yet-developed pictures," says Wanke. Who is exchanging photos between Photoshop and Lightroom, has deposited all the important information is the same.

programs to make the Deletion easier

"In many editing programs, you can choose whether to accept the data or want to play or not," explains stagger. The free viewer "IrfanView" delete Trinkwalder, according to a batch-only, EXIF - and IPTC-data, or the image description.

on Windows, you can mark the user in the Explorer, a photo by clicking the right mouse the menu button to display and under "Details" on the delete metadata says Schuldt.

Wanke recommends the program "exif Purge" for Windows or Mac. The free application scores according to him, with a simple and understandable interface. For Macs, the "c't" about the free Tool recommends "ImageOptim" that works via Drag & Drop.

The created Free App in the "Photo & Video Metadata Remover" for iOS devices, a sanitized copy. Thus, the Original image with all the information. Also, the "shortcuts"App you can set it up so that it deletes telltale EXIF data before Sharing images, white Trinkwalder. Similar to the App "Scrambled Exif work according to her," for Android devices from the F-Droid Store.

Android users, advises Wanke to a free "Photo Metadata Remover". This App is easy to understand and offer the batch processing of multiple photos. Also with the "Photo Exif Editor" you can edit individual fields, or deleted.

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