Today in the ZDF Film Astrid shows Unknown facts about Astrid Lindgren | TV

The Swedish Drama "Astrid" in the ZDF, a touching film is a monument to Astrid Lindgren, one of the largest youth book authors in the world. Pippi Longstock

Today in the ZDF Film Astrid shows Unknown facts about Astrid Lindgren | TV

The Swedish Drama "Astrid" in the ZDF, a touching film is a monument to Astrid Lindgren, one of the largest youth book authors in the world.

Pippi Longstocking is 75 years old Drama " Astrid " in the ZDF shows key time in the life of the author of Astrid Lindgren a Lot of "Pippi Longstocking"-adventure online

aside Sweden time has Astrid Lindgren nowhere in the world has a lot of Fans in Germany. Your stories about Pippi Longstocking , Michel from Lönneberga, Ronia the robber's daughter, or Karlsson on the roof, all as serene as exciting, and a great love of children influenced, alone in Germany 20 million Times. The total circulation of her books is located at 165 million copies and have been translated into over a hundred languages.

As the first children's book author ever to have been honoured in 2002 at the age of 94 years, late Swede in 1978 with the peace prize of the German book trade. You had at a young age, in spite of their recognizable Talent to never be a writer. In 1939, she published a kind of travel diary to various road trips through Sweden, but their view of the world based fame on the stories that you told in the Winter of 1941, its an inflammation of the lungs diseased daughter, Karin. Heroine of the adventure was a girl with superhuman powers and perky red pigtails; the name has given Karin her.

Drama about Astrid Lindgren in the ZDF: Famous for "Pippi Longstocking"

1944 Lindgren submitted the manuscript to a publisher; it was rejected. With a different story, she won a competition for the best girls book the second place. In the following year, she took part with a revised Version of the " Pippi Longstocking " and won. On Thursday (21.05.2020) is Pippi 75 years old. The ZDF celebrates the birthday in the main program, as well as on the daughter channel ZDF Neo with a repetition of the four "Pippi Longstocking"movies with Inger Nilsson; they can be accessed after the broadcast all in the library.

highlight of a holiday in the ZDF , the Drama " Astrid is ". Who is hoping that the Film, however, an encounter with the revered heroines and heroes of his Childhood, will be disappointed: you show up short, but only on the drawings, with which children, the elderly author of Astrid Lindgren birthday. In the Post, among other things, also an audio book with the greetings of a school class. A Young boy wants to know why you can so good about children's writing, although she herself is already so long no longer a child; and now, in the Form of a long flashback for the actual storyline.

"Pippi Longstocking"author Astrid Lindgren in the ZDF: Illegitimate pregnancy

it begins in the early twenties. the Astrid is what they called back then a "back of fish": not yet properly grown up, but also not a child any more. 16 the cheerful young woman begins an apprenticeship at the newspaper in Vimmerby. With a malicious wife beaten editor Blomberg (Henrik Rafaelsen) is a great liking to the talented volunteer, and as one thing leads to another, the Astrid 18 years old, unwanted pregnancies. The Childhood is gone with one blow; even in liberal Sweden, an illegitimate pregnancy in those years was a scandal.

According to shocked Astrid reacts in a God-fearing mother (Maria Bonnevie). Because Blomberg is afraid to because of fornication to prison, brings Astrid your Baby in Denmark to the world. The small Let care mother, Marie (Trine Dyrholm) is in the custody of love. When the wife becomes seriously ill, is afraid of Astrid, the Mother has not grown, but Marian reassured you: children need love, and Astrid is more than enough to have; now the young woman must be in her early twenties as a single mother.

Film "Astrid" in the ZDF television: Outstanding performance by Alba August

The Dane Pernille Fischer Christensen's debut for its Director's "En Soap" in 2006 at the Berlinale with a "Silver bear" award, is limited to these five years in the life of its heroine. The light-heartedness from Lindgren's children's books is only felt in the first scenes; the Rest is Drama.

the Film does not sink, nevertheless, in sadness, has he thanks to the outstanding performance of its main actress: to provide the beginning of Alba August, the heroine with that carefree attitude that many of Lindgren's hero distinguishes the inside. As Astrid let the braids cut off, that turns the naughty Teenager into an attractive young woman.

Later, their positive attitude, even in the dark moments, for an impressive luminosity. The main actress is the child of two famous parents: father Bille ("Smillas sense of snow") is one of the most excellent Directors of Denmark, mother Pernille is a well-known Swedish actress. For daughter Alba Astrid should be "" the first step in a great career.

By Tilmann P. Gangloff

To the Film "Astrid" in the ZDF

Thursday, 21. May 2020, 20.15 clock in the ZDF. The Film in the library.

Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 21:34

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