The Masked Singer: the sight of a celebrities shocks TV viewers - also a Moderator taunts | TV

In the case of "The Masked Singer" on ProSieben ten celebrities sing in wacky costumes. In the first episode, a celebrity was unmasked. And there was eddy.

The Masked Singer: the sight of a celebrities shocks TV viewers - also a Moderator taunts | TV

In the case of "The Masked Singer" on ProSieben ten celebrities sing in wacky costumes. In the first episode, a celebrity was unmasked. And there was eddy.

Update from 25. July 2019: Now it is that time again. On Thursday (25. July 2019) will be unmasked in the fifth episode of "The Masked Singer" on ProSieben the next celebrity. Which celebrity must this time take off his mask, you can watch live in our Live-Ticker of "The Masked Singer".

"The Masked Singer": celebrity shocks TV viewers

Update from the 5. July 2019: To be THE celebrities? After the second unmasking of many viewers of "The Masked Singer" can get angry.

Update from 28. June: by the Way, has been taunting in the course of the most recent edition of "The Masked Singer" even Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel against the neck of a Juror for Max Giesinger. "May I make you a compliment? The best cleavage at you,“ frotzelte it.

"The Masked Singer": the octopus is discovered

The first masked celebrity is unmasked already: Behind the octopus Ex-"No Angels"Star Lucy hid. You had to go First. With the other nine Stars, there is a reunion next Thursday. Who is behind the costumes for "The Masked Singer", will only be resolved gradually.

"The Masked Singer": viewers complain about Jury-celebrity

Update from 27. June, 22: 40 hours: The first episode of the new ProSieben Show "The Masked Singer" delivery on Thursday evening at the TV. The reactions were mixed, especially on Twitter, viewers will have drained steam.

in Particular, the Jury, consisting of Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, the singer Max Giesinger, TV host Ruth Moschner and guest star Rae Garvey was criticized. The tips of the juries, who is under the masks, be a bitch, writes User Mirco126. Similarly, it also looks Netscripter, he writes: "This is so hollow, what rates the celebrities there." Especially that Moschner was thrilled with almost every appearance, not viewers at all well.

the revealing Outfit of a Jury member, it was criticized: Max Giesinger showed up in a low-cut T-Shirt. For some viewers too much of a Good thing.

And the audience got away of the TV-viewers to be fat. So 1980YANN writes on Twitter: "Could we not chains, maybe in the hands of the audience, so that the clapping on 1 and 3?"

2020 Max Giesinger by the way, in the case of "Sing my Song" - regardless of whether he is surprised because with such a daring neckline?

"The Masked Singer" on ProSieben: the Start of the Show on Thursday night

Cologne - For weeks ProSieben sends a cryptic preview of a new show: huge, admittedly, spectacular-looking figures move by Bodyguards accompanied on a door, it opens, the way to the stage is released - who's in the costumes, is not at all recognizable. This is the highlight: the hull celebrities and the whole of Germany are hiding has to guess who it is.

The station operates a huge effort to keep the participants a secret and count on the site dramatically the seconds until the Start of "The Masked Singer" on 27. June at 20.15 clock down. Perhaps rightly so: The country of origin of the Show, South Korea, is the concept of cult in the USA, the Show had a brilliant first season with real Stars.

"The Masked Singer" on ProSieben: Therefore, s

extra-large, pretty spacey costumes in hiding, go on the ten celebrities. Your task: perform, sing. Who? - Good Question! However, in every costume, and in the grossing film information are accommodated on the real people.

to guess The but it is difficult to conceivable: The voices are distorted - only the vocals without the Filter. The figure with the best Performance remains the longest in the race. A title, price, short, there is no winner in the sense.

"The Masked Singer" on ProSieben: How it works and who is involved?

In contrast to the American sister, is this Show live. In real time, the viewers can have a first guess on the Internet - and to vote on which figure is lying down, the best Show. Who gets the fewest votes, is necessary to remove at the end of the broadcast, the hood and reveal who he is.

at Least the chief-Geekers are already known: The Jury in the case of "The Masked Singer" form actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, the singer Max Giesinger and presenter Ruth Moschner and rates and evaluate the characters in each Show - plus a guest star, which varies from consignment to consignment.

Matthias Opdenhövel moderated: "I'm so happy," he says. "The U.S. Version was the Hammer. Also the whole of Germany is puzzles. All the celebrities are possible - except for the Cro.“

more than 7,000 Curious to follow the show on Facebook: "I'm looking forward to it," writes a User. Another user praised the concept: "I've seen it in America and it was the Best thing I've ever seen."

"The Masked Singer" on ProSieben: the masks of The rate show are hand-crafted

A sparkling butterfly-Alien, a Science-Fiction-Fuchs, a grasshopper-Dandy, a Venetian angel, a cockatoo, a hearted Monster, an Astronaut, a manga girl-octopus: The covers are real works of art.

According to ProSieben costs each of around 15,000 Euro and is handcrafted in Altötting, according to the designs of the four times Emmy winner and costume designer Marina Toybina. She works for Taylor Swift.

Per costume up to five weeks, in which also again and again a sound engineer to contribute. The acoustics must be right! Each costume can weigh up to 20 kilograms.

"The Masked Singer": The mystery is strictly guarded

The Hype in America, warns the station, apparently pre -. The mystery of who the 10 participants will be strictly guarded, and, of course, also celebrated. No one is prematurely to discover, those who join in. Not even the participants know their comrades-in-arms.

Only eight people know who's under the masks, it is called ProSieben, two of them at ProSieben. Bodyguards pick up the Stars of the Show, then you are still covered on the road, are allowed to talk to anyone, not even to each other, and have personal assistants. As the first season of "The Masked Singer" delivery to the channel Fox in the USA, is shown in the following Youtube Video.

"The Masked Singer": Who is behind the mask?

According to ProSieben it will be celebrities from all kinds of genres: musicians, athletes, actors, chefs, presenters, politicians, writers, coaches, entrepreneurs... In the United States have actually joined Stars such as Soul legend Gladys Knight, comedienne Margaret Cho and singer, dancer, presenter and Broadway Star Donny Osmond.

Whether the has also get the German channels, whose vocal formats are, so far, "The Voice of Germany" and "The Voice Kids", or whether it is a would-be celebrity show - they all have to show up now. So far, the secrecy works anyway excellent. If this is after the first follow still? For a Surprise ProSieben provided a new place for the Simpsons.


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