The Key 2020 (Sat.1)/Jury: Frank Rosin is growing | TV

In Munich have begun the shooting for the new season of The button. With Frank Rosin and a new Juror, of the heart beat. Since the end of may, in green forest

The Key 2020 (Sat.1)/Jury: Frank Rosin is growing | TV

In Munich have begun the shooting for the new season of The button. With Frank Rosin and a new Juror, of the heart beat.

Since the end of may, in green forest in Munich, a new season the popular Sat.1-"The key" shot. TV chef Frank Rosin from Dorsten in 2013 as an integral part of the Jury . This year, a new arrival the judges-round, which makes for excitement completed.

Munich - Since this week is clear: in Spite of Coronavirus it will be in the year 2020 to a new season of the popular cooking Show "The taste" for Sat.1* give. The* reported Back with: Star chef Frank Rosin (53)* and an exciting new arrival .

TV Show:

The button


since 2013

production company:

Redseven Entertainment GmbH

the time of Transmission intervals:

a week


46+ (+3 Specials) in 7 seasons


Alexander Herrmann, Frank Rosin, Roland Trettl, Tim Mälzer, Cornelia Poletto, Christine Henning, Lea Linster

"The button" 2020 - Frank Rosin from Dorsten to give back to the satellite.1-Jury

this week started in green forest in Munich, the filming of the new season of "The key" . As A Satellite.1* on Thursday (28. May) confirmed, will change this year, however, a lot of things.

The biggest change, which has so far been announced: The Jury by 2020 only men . In addition to "The button"-veteran Frank Rosin* and star-chef Alexander Herrmann (48) in 2020, the Berlin-based Star - chef Tim Raue (46) will once again be part of the judges and Coaches Teams.

"The button"-Jury, 2020 (Sat.1): A new man to Frank Rosins page

The men to Frank Rosin, which is now also at the ARD music quiz duel part*, mixing it up in a special new addition: The Austrian Alexander Kumptner (36) , which is referred to according to the image of the woman as the most beautiful chef in the television landscape .

viewers could be the "junge Wilde", which has been ZDF-show "kitchen battle" , where he a woman's heart has higher let the beat (all the articles about celebrities and TV

The Austrians, and replaced by chef Maria Groß (40) , the fire is only in the last season the men's round. That Sat.1 this year for all-male Jury has decided, is not surprising - after all, professional chefs in the top of gastronomy in the year 2020 is still a rarity are .

see you this post on Instagram to

Sooooo now it is out and I am very much looking forward....with my Kollegas...let's Go @timraueofficial @frank_rosin @alexander_herrmann_offiziell @angelina.cherry @thetastesat1 @sat.1

A post shared by Alex Ander kumptner (@Alex Ander kumptner) on may 28, 2020 4:12 PDT

New Jury-member at "The key" (Sat.1): Alexander Kumptner does not want Frank Rosin intimidate

New-Juror Alexander Kumptner and let the established members of the Jury, however, is not intimidated: "Who can teach a bunch of playful children, the cooking and the responsible handling of food - in the locker it creates, three-star chefs clear to come," said Alexander Kumptner compared to satellite.1 clear and alludes to his participation in the children's cooking show "Schmatzo-The Koch - Kids-Club".

New season of "The taste" presenter Angelina cherry for the first time in satellite.1-cooking-Show

the presenter changes for the new follow: By the cook-Casting-Show-the German Curvy Model Angelina cherry (31) .

The Curvy Model wants to rein in the ambitious men round the Jury-console : "I would argue Yes, always, all of the vanities have to leave home to. I can recommend this to the gentlemen only. Here at "The key" are the talents in the heart and I'm curious, what is the enjoyment of the dishes you will bring to your spoon ."

Sat.1-show "The taste" dishes on small spoons

By "The key" professional and Amateur chefs in various competitions to compete against each other. Aim of the programme is to complicated dishes and taste the worlds on a small spoon to inflict .

Each candidate is also assigned a Coach , wants to get hold of at the end in the Grand Finale with a candidate from his Team, the "Golden spoon" .

+ Frank Rosin is since 2013 part of "the key"-Jury, and was also Prominent-Sepzial (shown here with Comedian Oliver Pocher). ©SATELLITE.1/Benedikt Mueller/dpa

"The taste" for Sat.1 - Frank Rosin has a cooking Show never recovered

Explosive: Star-chef Frank Rosin from Dorsten is since the first "The button"-season in 2013, an integral part of the Jury , but so far to win never had a season with his candidate .

Whether it's him in this year to succeed? "Everybodys Darling" Alexander Kumptner will not make it easy for him.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Updated Date: 30 May 2020, 01:34

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