The Association has lost itself a little | Landkreis Erding

An additional competition there will be for the district football League team. County –the planning of The Bavarian football Association (BFV) in relation to

The Association has lost itself a little | Landkreis Erding

An additional competition there will be for the district football League team.

County –the planning of The Bavarian football Association (BFV) in relation to the period of time when there will be games played may be, go further – and there are always new ideas. To Regional, Bayern and country leagues (we reported) will now get the district leagues, an additional competition shall notify the Association. The encounters in the four-district League team in the district – TSV Dorfen, FC Finsing, FC Moosinning and FC Schwaig – on a different Echo.

The competent BFV working group recommends that each district League season, a League Cup, Intermediate and final round – a flexible design, depending on the pandemic course possible, which will be held during the free time on the League's game operations. The winners of each of the squadrons in your district have a district winner, the fight with the six other district winners in a Bavaria-wide Relegation of five direct promotion places in the national League. This number could possibly be even increased, according to the BFV.

Should be a team in the League Cup, won already the League the rise, an alternate principle. For a descent place the teams there is a special regulation. A Team that would descend on the League, as the winner of the League Cup show-competition, non-rises in the national League, but as a reward the class. The Association makes it clear that, in addition to competition, however, no points for the table in the League, earned can be.

"This is fundamentally a good idea," says Bernhard Schöberl, 2. Head of Department of the TSV Dorfen. "For a long time, the first from the BFV, which makes sense and at the same time sporting attractive." He look forward to the League Cup absolutely, positively, "even if it is still to be seen how the exact design then it looks".

Rather skeptical Robert Hartmann. "The big Problem is that no one knows when it really will go further with the game operation," says the Board member of the FC Finsing. "Because everything stands or falls." A part of the outstanding point games should be played this year, "then an attractive programme is in 2021 will be desirable – in particular for the Active". To him it is all about the round leather ball is rolling again and that not only are there private games without a value, but real competitions. "We are footballers, want to measure ourselves with other Teams, and us constantly improve," notes Hartmann. "That's the point."

The situation is not yet so accurately you can estimate FC Moosinning. "I honestly don't know what to make of it," explains Karl Thumbs. "You have to get the exact mode communicated, as for the clubs, it is in all cases important that you can generate a regular income and not a Trainer or a trainer team for two or three Games for a year and a half to deal with." In addition, it would be just more interesting to play against Teams in the other district leagues, says FCM Chairman, of the exercises but also light criticism of the BFV. "Regardless of whether now is a Cup competition or not, has lost the Association of my opinion, because it is a change of period is in the Winter, again", is concerned Thumbs. "And to play the relegation games for the season 2019/20 and then only in the spring of 2021, possibly with a completely different squad than the start of the season in July 2019, appears to be very borderline." The FCM-Chairman has a very different suspicion: "I think the Association is just that in the Amateur field take place this year, no more games, and that's why he has directed everything in the way." Black he does not want to paint but. "I'll let me surprise, in the end, we can make all very little against the sovereign decisions of the Association, will not make his decisions probably also undo, because otherwise he would lose face."

a bit Ambivalent about the person in charge of the FC Schwaig. "We were surprised when we read this idea from the BFV," says Rainer Hellinger. "We can understand that till June 2021 is a lot of time, and the League games will not fill this time. Whether it makes sense, ascent, and Not descent for the League to play in a Cup competition, we see with very mixed feelings,“ explains the press officer of the FC Schwaig. "But we want to wait and see, because we do not think that it will remain the last idea and the reality of the new cases of infection which will determine further Action."

In the next step, will now be presented of the developed solution proposal of the BFV of the Clubs in the 15 Bavarian district leagues and the opinion requested, shall notify the Association. Should there be a consensus that the elaboration of the content and schedule for the design of the League Cup competition.


Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 04:35