Tegernsee: what about flood protection? | Gmund

of These days to come with memories of the devastating Pentecost flood of 2013. But as it is now the high-water protection at the lake Tegernsee? Gmund – The

Tegernsee: what about flood protection? | Gmund

of These days to come with memories of the devastating Pentecost flood of 2013. But as it is now the high-water protection at the lake Tegernsee?

Gmund – The municipality of Gmund has to do all hands full, to plan the renewal of the dilapidated and, therefore, since Easter locked wooden walkway over the river Mangfall (we reported). To the North of the bridge is to be built one day, an Enema, a type of vacuum cleaner in the lake. The system is then turned on, when extreme rains are coming. It is an underground pressure line to the first North, then South at the mangfall the shore along to the shoemaker's defensive running. This is to be upgraded. Goal is: Approximately 24 hours prior to the occurrence of Extreme flooding the water level of the lake Tegernsee is to be lowered. The approaching flood wave can be in addition obtained a restraint delayed in the bottom of the Mangfalltal delivered. Gmund a Mega would be able to site that would change the site for at least two years. This is clear, since the water has presented economic office Rosenheim (WWA) in 2015, this Version of the plans.

Could be a century of Floods as seven years ago prevents? The Operators say the state of the plans.

The mayor

town hall chief Alfons Besel (FWG) has already expressed several times critically and to Rottacher side of the charge introduced is that he was "divisive". After many discussions with the experts, he insists: "The measure is a huge geological and environmental risks." He is convinced that the measure, on the whole mangfall area considered, only a minimal is likely to make an impact. For him, a heavy tax would be used funds, "and there's the question of whether it would be justified to ask yourself". According to the mayor, one would have to think a lot more Alternatives and consider how you can avoid a lot of water flows into the lake inside. He was thinking of the creation of retention areas in other areas. What relates to the downstream along the river Mangfall, so it could be in the region of much more effective measures, with polders. "Then," said Besel don't have to do, "from a natural lake, a Pond."

+ of The outflow of the lake over the Mangfall is the Shoe military Mach regulated in Gmund.©Thomas Plettenberg

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The professional

According to Paul geisen Hofer, head of the WWA Rosenheim, the project is currently in preliminary draft. In the case of an audit by the government of upper Bavaria, some issues were showed up to investigate it now. Studies in the Mangfall belong to a building site. Finally, the 600 meters would have to long, and 4.50 time 2,30 meters thickness pressure pipe is to be laid half a Meter below the sole of the Mangfall. Sheet piling would have to pressed in the lacustrine deposits, the excavation will be drained. Then, technical solutions must be found for the crossing of the national road bridge. Also, as Hofer, Geisen, the stability of the Kirchenhangs should be investigated. "Over all, the cost-Benefit calculation," says the WWA-in-chief, without mentioning actual Numbers. In 2015, the speech was of at least nine million euros.

The Association

The Association will Save the Tegernsee who founded in the Wake of the Whitsun high water and the beginning of as a Whiner, and a preventer of the plans was referred to, sits now with the WWA in a boat. Chairman Andreas Scherzer is convinced that such a running-in work, it is also available on the lake of Thun, in Switzerland, would work. Scherzer finds that the flood risk is increased at the Tegernsee last – mainly due to the Expansion of the Rottach. "You are now 50 percent more water than in 2013. The Seestraße would drown faster than it was then.“ The Association calls for: as long As not with the large construction project is begun, would need to be changed, the control of the Schuhmacherwehrs.

The Association had, therefore, already in the conversation with the district administrator Olaf von Löwis (CSU) sought. The almost 50-year-old water notice for the Weir, giving the time for a Rearrangement of the storage Board and to the water height at the level-measuring point in St. Quirin is coupled, would have changed the jam Board to be formerly killed. Scherzer is believed that the Weir, which belongs to the handmade paper factory, is only 70 percent functional. "It is dilapidated and must be modernized." This would already bring a lot of flood protection. "If it breaks today," said Scherzer, "and then the lakes."

Date Of Update: 06 June 2020, 08:34