Teacher guilty of rape - wife shocked in court

A 32-year-old teacher has been found guilty of rape and indecent exposure by a 13-year-old student at a primary school in Dianalund on Vestsjælland. It has ju

Teacher guilty of rape - wife shocked in court

A 32-year-old teacher has been found guilty of rape and indecent exposure by a 13-year-old student at a primary school in Dianalund on Vestsjælland.

It has just been decided by a jury at the Court in Næstved, denmark.

the Court finds the 32-year-old teacher guilty of 11 of the 12 charges. He is thus found guilty of three rapes carried out against a girl who was 13 years old when they took place.

The 32-year-old teacher was in a good mood before the decision was issued. He winked and waved to his wife on the tilhørerrækkerne.

After skyldskendelsen he had red eyes and snorted, as the judge gave him the last word.

"I would like to say that I'm very sorry the thing has happened," said the teacher.

Skyldkendelsen also came as a shock for the 32-year-old teacher's wife, who has a house, two cars and a two year old boy together with the convicted person. She couldn't hold back the tears.

"It's a lie all along," said the wife loudly in the court, where the forurettedes parents also sat as audience.

the Rapes found among the second place in a classroom, in a tool shed to idrætssalen, in a shed by the football field, in a small gymnasium as well as in a forest.

In the first case, there was talk about other sexual relations than sexual intercourse, as in the penal code is considered as rape, when there is talk of a minor. According to the indictment, he struck the 13-year-old and threatened her to perform oral sex.

In the two other cases there was talk of consummated rape. At one rape, which took place in a forest, used the teacher handcuffs and a collar. The latter he applied to the stranglehold of the 13-year-old girl during the rape.

the Teacher told the victim that he was a former soldier and member of a secret group of soldiers who would beat the girl and her family killed if she told about the abuse. Therefore, he is also Betxlarge convicted of vidnetrusler.

The 32-year-old had previously pleaded guilty of indecent exposure by a 13-year-old, as he has in court admitted that he had had an 'inappropriate' relationship.

But the rest of the 12 points in the indictment, he refused, and in its final procedure, the accused and his defender, Jeppe Søndergaard, the 13-year-old girl to be full of lies.

He believes that the girl just wants revenge because she no longer gets the teacher's attention.

"She is lying. It is a strong word to use, but it is quite clear that there have been lied. She is not the lead little girl, who the prosecutor is trying to make her," said the defender in his procedure.

however, the Court has chosen to attribute to the girl's explanation and credibility.

"the Explanation seems sincere and credible," the judge said about the girl's explanation, which was given behind closed doors.

the Court also found that the explanation of the essential points are supported by other evidence in the case.

in Addition to the rapes was the teacher accused of seven cases of indecent exposure against a total of four girls. In one of the sections on indecent exposure were the accused acquitted.

At the last hearing was the defendant the last word, as he used to asseverate his innocence in the rape and violence.

"I have never had sexual intercourse with her, and I'm not a violent person. I have never used violence, coercion or threats, as it says in the indictment. It is important for me to point out here in the last word. Otherwise I will just say that I am really sorry about the things that are going on," he said.

The 32-year-old has previously been sent as a soldier to Afghanistan and is diagnosed with post-traumatic stressdisorder (PTSD).

In court read his defence lawyer-up of a psykologerklæring, from which it appeared that the pre-trial detention has given him a relapse and flashback to the time in Afghanistan.

"In the prison cell into scholar's he saw pictures of the people he beat to death in Afghanistan," read the defender up of the declaration.

The defendants told himself, that he has spent most of the time in isolation due to threats from the other inmates.

"I have experienced a pressure from the medarrestanter. If you do not have an indictment, which fit well into the customary, which is in arresthusene, so one must keep themselves isolated or expect a violent consequence," said the teacher in court for the threats he has received from the medindsatte.

Later in the day expected the court to take a position as to which punishment the teacher must have.

Updated Date: 02 December 2019, 13:00

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